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10 Days in Nice

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Unfortunately, THE place to buy copper in France is on the Normandy coast, a little town called Villedieu-les-Poèles. This is the copper center of France, with several factories and a couple of dozen retail outlets for "Cuivres" with an endless selection.

In Nice, you may find a selection at either of these places-- we have window-shopped by them on a couple of our trips;



04 93857230



04 93962924

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I buy most of my utensils and pastry ingredients at La Boutique du Chef in Le Cannet outside Cannes. He is very expensive but has first class products. He works with many of the top restaurants on the Riviera and really knows what he is talking about. He is also a great gourmet. He can be a bit arrogant with newcomers.

I am not sure he has a lot of copper ware. I never look for it. I have tried to think which of the other professional outlets that could have it but I am not sure I have seen anyone carry it in stock. Ecotel, which is a large chain for professional does not carry it and I do not think La Bovida has it either. I cannot remember seeing a lot of it if anything in the two shops mentioned by Menton1. The safest bet would be to go to Galleries Lafayette in central Nice or at Cap 3000 close to the airport as I am pretty sure they have some sort of collection.

I do not know what this stuff cost in the US but it is not very cheap here. You can get some price indication at http://www.patiwizz.com. Maybe you can order from them and have it delivered in Nice.

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Au Tombeau de la Vaisselle is the E. Dehillerin of Nice - according to my friend Rosa Jackson - who runs Les Petits Farcis - market tours and cooking classes in the centre of Nice.

Au Tombeau de la Vaisselle

3 place St-François - 06300 Nice - France

04 93 85 84 10

Rosa's also the brains - and beauty - behind Edible Paris - personalised gourmet itineraries in Paris.

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