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System Upgrade

eGullet Staff

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Early Sunday morning, January 11, 2004 eGullet.com switched to its new server hosted by Invision Power Services at its new datacenter in Houston, Texas.

The new enterprise-class RedHat Linux 9.0-based server, which has twin 2.2Ghz Intel Xeon processors, 2 Gigabytes of main system memory and a fast UltraSCSI RAID disk system, is over 10 times more powerful than our previous machine, and is designed to support the most serious system loads.

As the switchover required transferring the eGullet.com Internet domain, the configuration necessitated that the old eGullet.com server in Colorado point its database queries to the new machine in Texas so that there would be no loss of service. Thus, untl the DNS propogation is complete, which can take up to 48 hours, some users may be using the old system and there may be some temporary database slowness. Some other eGullet functionality such as our image server and our recipe database may be offline for a day or two for some users until those system resources are fully moved over to the new system.

eGullet Staff

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