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The $2 bottle of wine on 20/20...

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I was hoping that 2$chuck would usher in a new era of vin ordinaire in the United States, where there not designation, culture nor producers to support it at the moment. Sadly it has opened up a strange argument over quality/price. Even if it's splendid – I haven't had it – it was only possible because of a temporary condition, too many grapes.

There was a time when the jug wine market did have acceptable, dry, wines that could be consumed mindlessly. Gallo Hearty Burgundy was cheaper (and better) in the US in1984 than vin ordinaire you decanted yourself at the Mammouth in Tours, and GHB came in its own bottle. Not that I'm longing for bad wine, just acceptable wine that I can have with every meal, even breakfast, and snacks too, and while I'm waiting for the subway or bus, or typing email....

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I have found some interesting articles on Two Buck Chuck. 



I'd underscore that last article, as its the only real attempt I've seen to explain why chuck works as it does--arguing, basically, that it's one of the few cheap american wines that doesn't have sugar added to it. I don't know if that's the _correct_ explanation, but at least it's an explanation.

what I find funny about two buck chuck is that, at least in the TJs in my area, there actually are semi-decent wines for the same $3.49 price (that's what two bucks costs you in virginia). The la boca malbec, while not great drinking by any stretch of the imagination, makes a reasonable weeknight table wine.

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