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Korin Japanese Knife (and More) Store, NYC

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it's a little hard to find, but japanese-knife does honor the 15% discount as well. it's just taken at check-out rather than on the list. i had very good experiences working with korin and recommend them highly. i also liked world of knives (www.worldknives.com) and the blade gallery (www.bladegallery.com).

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my story on japanese knives is up on the website. enjoy and thanks for all the tips


Interesting story Russ. I too found the Misono and the Hattori to be the best, but unlike you I ended up sticking to the Hattori.

However, I'd like to point out that the prices at world knives are much higher than elsewhere. For instance, I got mine through http://www.japanesechefsknife.com.

I got the 9 1/2 (240mm) instead of the 8 1/4 (210mm) and paid $164 against the $249 at world knives. The 210mm you got is $199 at world knives, but only $135 at japanesechef!! More than the $60 difference you took into account for choosing the Misono.



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