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I picked up a bottle of this wine at our government super store in Vancouver yesterday. I wonder what to expect. I have had their vineyard designated barbaresco in the past and really liked it. Should I let this wine breath for a few hours? It seemed well priced $24.95 cdn.

David Cooper

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I like and sell a lot of this wine ( here its sixteen bucks). Decant this Nebbiolo. It does not remind me of barbaresco however, it is less structured and less oily. That being said however, it still has a lot of structure and can be very tight upon opening. I am assuming you have the 2000 vintage which is (I believe) the current release. The classic flavor profile of Nebi will follow, earth and roses etc....

over it

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Hello all (and happy new year 2004!) :smile:

But is it a Nebbiolo or a Langhe rosso (blend)?

I wanted to taste their Nebbiolo 2002 by the glass recently, but the bartender opened a fresh bottle of G. Mascarello Langhe Nebbiolo 1999 instead, I think it was not a bad replacement... Great suggestion! :cool: I'm eager to taste the PdB Nebbiolo anyways.



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I will join Carema in recommending this wine.

The biggest advantage is that you don't need 5 years for it to open up like the Barbaresco [ Currently the 1997 is quite ready for drinking ] but as suggested the wine does need about 10 to 20 minutes in the glass to start opening up.

The 2000 might even be a friendlier version but with a bit of patience you are bound to enjoy the 2001 as well.

Langhe Nebiolo Produtori del Barbarecso 2001

A good value for the money Nabiolo, dry, earthy and tasty.

Andre Suidan

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