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WTN: 2001 Savese Pichierri Primitivo di Manduria


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I received this as a gift at Christmas, but it goes for about $23CAD.

A bit about the wine from the LCBO:

The Pichierri family vineyards are located in the region of Puglia. Here, the red soil is dotted by white limestone, ideal for growing the Primitivo grape, Zinfandel's Italian twin brother. For the Tradizione del Nonno the grapes are allowed to over-mature slightly on the vine to increase the flavour, alcohol and, ultimately, add a layer of sweetness to the wine. This is a huge, robust and fruity wine with a velvety smooth finish - a perfect complement to pastas, roasts, game and sharp cheeses.


Dark garnet/ruby colour. Concentrated nose with aromas of raspberry coulis, mocha, and blackberry.

Full-bodied, very juicy and rich. Notes of raspberries, raisins, blackberries, coffee, toffee, and spice. A bit alcoholic, but still very tasty.

Lingering finish, ~40s with hints of pepper, raisins, and a bit of toffee.

Packs a real punch with 16% alcohol. If you like California Zinfandel, you will probably enjoy this wine. 89 points (12/28/2003).

This was another wine that was consumed with the rare steak I had last night. :smile:

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