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Richie Cecere's Restaurant

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My wife and I ate here on Friday night. I can't complain about the food.

My wife had a brontosaurus-sized veal chop. At $38, it was pricy, but given its size, one could not complain . It was also very good. I had angel hair pasta with lump crab meat, tomatoes, olive oil and garlic. Could not be better for this type of dish, which can be marred by too much garlic or oil or not enough crab. This was a perfect balance of ingredients. At $25, this was tied with many items for least expensive on the menu. We each had a $10 glass of a good Chianti--we didn't feel like a whole bottle. The wine list is extensive. No half bottles, which we like.

The atmosphere is not one that we enjoy. There are three levels. The two main levels are dominated by bars with their wafting smoke. The workers seem to have a bit of a snobby attitude. There was a 14 piece band warming up as we ate and preparing to blow out the diners on our floor just as we left. I appreciate music and food, but not at the same time. The patrons are a colorful group out of central casting--people look familiar, but you just can't place them. Many "characters" are attracted by the bars and the band. The place has a Las Vegas-type vibe.

Overall, the food is very good although pricy. But I prefer a sleepy BYO to the atmosphere at Cecere's.

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Richie Cecere's is on Erie Street, just past the Walnut Street train station. It's opposite the bubble and adjacent to the motor vehicle station. If you follow the signs to the well marked train station, you'll find Richie's. "Depot Street" on which Trumpets Restaurant sits, becomes Erie Street just past the station.

Two Erie Street

Apparently it's easier still to dictate the conversation and in effect, kill the conversation.

rancho gordo

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I recently took a group of clients to Richie Cecere's. Overall, we all felt the food was passable but the service was a bit smarmy and confused. (I'm in advertising and with a food client no less, so we generally try to pick interesting places. Please, don't hold my work against me. It's a means to an end, and if your end is good food, then Adv is a good place to be.)

They had an interesting array of appetizers from grilled scallops to sashimi salads. Several of us had the Steak au poivre, which was a huge cut and had a good crust. It also felt a bit hard to classify the place as the menu included foie gras, something Don Amiche, things stuffed into puff pastry, and baked brie. A very Northern NJ/Sopranos goes to France kind of feel.

The worst part of the dinner was the bar service. While the wine selection was good, the waiter had a hard time translating our drink orders to the bartender. I ordered a vodka gimlet and repeatedly got straight vodka. With only two ingredients how do you screw up a gimlet?

The food was passable but the staff seemed very "slimy".

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