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Bulk DECAF green tea

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My doc wants me to use decaf green tea as an immune booster....I only seem to be able to find the kind with the demon caffeine in bulk...

so either here or online....good source of good quality stuff??

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Harney & Sons has a decaf Sencha http://www.harneytea.com/decaf.html

as does Special Teas http://www.specialteas.com/cgi-bin/SoftCar...e=Decaffeinated

and Holy Mountain http://www.holymtn.com/tea/decaftea.htm

All three are quality vendors. I'm not impressed with Upton's green tea offerings, so would stay even farther away from any decaf green they had.

tip of the fire helmet and a heartfelt thank you for the leads :biggrin:

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