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Margaret Pilgrim

What food/s do you miss most when you travel?

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Quote: from Wilfrid on 2:05 pm on Dec. 11, 2001
Quote: from stacy bell mcquaide on 12:49 pm on Dec. 10, 2001

(W)hen I am in Mexico or another Latin country I miss salads and other raw foods.

Generally I dislike most salads, and other sources of vitamin C, but I confess I have missed them after being in Spain for more than a week.  I recall a menu of regional delicacies at a restaurant in Bilbao:  soup (a sort of garbure) with visible globules of fat; blood sausage; spring lamb actually sitting in its own hot fat; and a dessert which turned out to be some kind of crema, but looked disturbingly like a helping of lard.  Even I was ready for some watercress after that.  A few days in New Orleans can have a similar effect:  I am nervous that if I order a salad there it will come deep fried and dusted with castor sugar.

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