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Eating kangaroo

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This whole discussion has my mouth watering. Anybody in the 'states, can you tell me where I could find a good 'roo source? I live in California, so any meats that aren't chicken, fish, beef, etc seem to be less popular, at least outside of high-end eateries. I can't even find a local place that carries venison..

"...which usually means underflavored, undersalted modern French cooking hidden under edible flowers and Mexican fruits."

- Jeffrey Steingarten, in reference to "California Cuisine".

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Sorry for the delay, I didn't forget it's just been a busy few months.

I'd love to see some pictures of how you make your roo dishes and the finished products if you ever get a chance! Also, with the plum sauce, is this something you make or purchase?

I can't help you out with photos - I'll see how I go the next time I order some - but apparently the sauce we've been using at work is a mix of jus and plum sauce. Either native plums, or just plain old regular plum sauce.

What fat do you use with it in the sausage roll?

I don't think I added any additional fat when I did the sausage rolls. Which is probably blasphemy. If I made them again anytime soon, I'd probably forgo fat again, so as to not colour the flavour of the kangaroo meat.
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