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Bistecca Fiorentina


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I didn't really know where to put this, so administrators feel free to throw it wherever. It's just a small bit from my trip to Tuscany(which i'll eventually get to writing). I'm so caught up in how easy the ImageGullet works that i'm finally getting to pictures i've had. Well, as i said, i went to Tuscany in September. While there i sought out Bistecca Fiorentina wherever i could find it. For those who don't know, Bistecca Fiorentina is a famous steak from Florence. It's made from Chianini beef(grass fed i think) and seared over high flame finished with olive oil S+P and served rare. Most places only serve it in 1 Kg or larger pieces(that's 2.2 lbs for the metric shy among us). Italian experts feel free to correct any of my inaccuracies. The steak is reccomended for 2.....while in Italy, i ate 3(by myself...not in one night....over the course of 10 days;) This particular steak was served at Il Giardino(sp?) in the town of Panzano in Chianti. Without further ado(i hope my doctor isn't reading this....he said i have high cholesterol....i wonder why) here are the pictures.

That's little ole me with big ole steak and my buddy Ferdinando looking on.


If it's porn(food anyway) we need angles....Angle 1


Angle 2 with my head to show proportion....it's not the steak that's big....just my Huge melon!


Angle 3


Am I done already? Where's dessert? Nurse we need some drano for this guy's veins...Stat!


Yield to Temptation, It may never come your way again.

 --Lazarus Long

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I look forward to at least a few Steaks on my may visit to Florence. I will be there to do the Passatore a 62 mile running race from Florence to Faenza on the road(sr 302?)

So that steak on Sunday may the 30th will be special! I can eat like a sumo wrestler

so i hope the waiter will let me get pasta as well as a steak without begging. wine pairing Chianti classico? Brunello? RR

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Bill or others have you been to il Retrovo? Definetly on my list for Florence.

Also if you have been how is their wine list? RR

i was lucky enough to eat at il ritrovo a few weeks ago. outstanding. i'll be posting notes soon enough.

their wine list isn't huge, but seems well-selected. marco, the chef/owner(?) seems into wine.

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