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Single Cup Steam Bar Coffee Makers

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From my limited knowledge, I see that both Melitta and Soliloquy (?) are making quick brew, single cup coffee makers using pods and a steam bar. Is the end product any good? Any better than just the traditional Melitta filter process?

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I think this may be a variation of the

Senseo Crema system

It uses pods or plastic cartidges of some sort. The original system was suing Douwe Egberts coffee if I recall correctly. I haven't tried the output of such a machine but the verdict seems to be that it's costlier but to many people's tastes, better than regular drip coffee. The brew is produced quickly and under pressure - the result is akin to a cafe crema (this is sort of a over-volume espresso - typically a double shot's worth of espresso blend is ground coarser and the standard 25 - 30 second pull yields about 6 oz of liquid).

The original Philips Senseo Crema system had been wildly popular int he European market - I think Capresso is also making such a machien now. It's not a substitute for a good espresso machine but a very good way to have an excellent cup of "regular" coffee that is quick and convenient to make.

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