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Jason Perlow

Frady's (NOLA, Bywater)

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Frady's One Stop Food Store

3231 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70117

Phone: (504) 949-9688

We stopped here to get a soda after visiting the Bywater Art Market and had to try their PoBoy


It's a small corner store & deli


PoBoy counter & customer


Shrimp PoBoy


Closeup of Shrimp PoBoy


Father & Son (they looked better than this in person)

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I realize these folks look kind of scary, but this po-boy shop is the REAL DEAL. It looks like something out of the backwater parts of cajun country. The decor is kind of scary and as you can see some interesting characters inhabit the place. However, the people are really nice and they make AWESOME po boys.

I had the shrimp po boy, and it was REALLY good. However I really should have ordered the fried oyster one. They gave us samples of fried oysters to taste, and we could have sat there for an hour eating them had we not had things to do that afternoon.

This place is right near the Bywater Art Market, so be sure to check that out if you are on a day that it is open. They run it the 3rd Saturday of every month.


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