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hard coffee drinks

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Anna N   
Anna, is this the stuff with caraway, or without?

It's caraway-flavoured and I still make the coffee (every Sunday morning!) according to my late father-in-law's instructions:

Drop a dime into a small coffee cup. Add strong coffee until you can no longer see the dime. Add akvavit until the dime reappears. Add lots of sugar.

I have dispensed with the dime but the relative quantities remain the same.

This could be why I think there are only 6 days in a week. :raz:

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I like a layered Pousse Cafe

In a tall, thin glass pour carefully, so that they float on each other, in order

Sugar Syrup (can be coloured and/or flavoured)

Sweet black coffee

Sprits (e.g Irish Whiskey or any of the ones mentioned)

Cream, or egg nog

Whipped cream


Any of the layers can be additionally coloured or flavoured), for example tint the cream green and add peppermint, or pink and framboise

Vulgar? Who me?

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For me it's mediocre grappa in a doppio ristretto.

What's a fluffer Uncle Klink?

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I like espresso after dinner and although I've tried and enjoyed whisky and found brandy better, I've come to the conclusion that nothing does it for me like the combination of a good aged sipping rum such as Ron del Barrelito from Puerto Rico and espresso. Brandy and whiskies are better on the side as is anything else I find worth drinking. It's best to start with a good espresso and add the rum as you drink some coffee taking care to keep the cup full. At some point you may be drinking straight rum, which is fine too.

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