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Food Terms We Loathe/Misuse


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Compulsively edible.


Set atop.

Piled high.













Tuna cubana.

Coppa cubana.

Copacabana. (?)

BeefCheeks is an author, editor, and food journalist.

"The food was terrible. And such small portions...."

--Alvy Singer

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If I read about another "wicked" piece of chocolate/chocolate cake/hot chocolate/chocolate idol/chocolate hallucinogen I shall grown horns and a pointy tail and wreak vengeance.

-- lamington a.k.a. Duncan Markham

The Gastronomer's Bookshelf - collaborative book reviews about all things food and wine

Syrup & Tang - candid commentary and flavourful fancies

"It's healthy. It's cake. It's chocolate cake."

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Everything is Tuscan this and Tuscan that.

Yeah, there must have been a trade publication a few years ago that convinced restauranteurs that they could sell more orders of chicken breast with Parma ham and mozzarella if they put "Tuscan" in the name of the dish. I recently saw a Tuscan salmon on a menu.

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I read thru all the posts but I tend to speed read so hopefully not mentioned before: "Fresh".  Well I would hope so!!!

My pet hate is "natural".

Happy Feasting

Janet (a.k.a The Old Foodie)

My Blog "The Old Foodie" gives you a short food history story each weekday day, always with a historic recipe, and sometimes a historic menu.

My email address is: theoldfoodie@fastmail.fm

Anything is bearable if you can make a story out of it. N. Scott Momaday

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Anthing cutesy, adorable, or diet-oriented tends to make the blood rush to my head. I submit Hungrygirl.com as a primo example. Adorable rhymes accompany reports of the LATEST NO CALORIE WAFER SNACK, accompanied by the (gasp) LATEST FOOD HORROR THAT WILL KILL YOU SLEEP. Wrap it all in a wash of pink, dress in Mom Jeans...you have the ultimate repellant food website. Well, for me.

I would agree with lamington: the whole notion of "wicked" or "sinful" foods certain people promote (like, say, Hungry Girl) makes me ill. I've said it once but I'll say it again: the food is not the source of all human evil and weakness. You are. Put the cupcake down, for it is innocent and you are not.

I am growing increasingly annoyed with the adorable little names given to sushi rolls - this is real epidemic in Northern California, where I live. Deciphering what a BANZAI 49ERS XPLOSIONAL ORGASM roll actually contains usually involves reading tiny print, calling over a clueless waiter, then, finally, making an educated guess. And what you get still ends up coming out deep fried and covered in mayonaisse.

I also loathe "scrummy", "nummers", "delich," and "luscious", which while technically perfectly respectable, reminds me of an ex-boyfriend of mine who would say it in a creepy way. These don't have to be logical.

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We had a restaurant locally who were trying to pass themselves off as an upscale Italian restaurant. For many reasons, they failed miserably. One strong indicator was that the waitstaff always referred to appetisers as "appies" ("appys"?). Very... off-putting.

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I hate authoritative vague words and phrases if they're not further elaborated. Sometimes I use them myself; but, I try really hard to avoid them:


perfectly cooked

just right


the best in the world


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Why's that, Tupac? Serious question: It does (or at least it used to) mean something.

"Adam and Eve sold themselves for an apple. What would they have done for a truffled fowl?" -- Brillat-Savarin (it's in my notes on Amazon about MFKF's translation of the Physiologie du Goût.) Of course, in Brillat's day there were more truffles, and they were real truffles; flavorless minor species tarted up with real juice and passed as the Real Thing didn't have the respectability they do today; there weren't ubiquitous fake "truffle oils" made from 2,4-dithiapentane, characterized by makers as "something from the truffle that is not the truffle." ("While synthetic, they are not unnatural," one advocate told me in apparent sincerity.)

But I'm curious what Tupac had in mind.

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Why's that, Tupac? Serious question: It does (or at least it used to) mean something.[...]

You hit the nail on the head, Max. Truffle oil is exactly the culprit I had in mind. I've yet to have truffle oil in any restaurant that has provided 1/1000th of the pleasure of smelling an actual truffle freshly shaven over, say, warm taglierini and butter. It frustrates me to no end to see a description of "truffled" ____ on a menu, only to find the dish finished with a drizzle of the oil and not a truffle in sight. Its seems to have become a stupid tool for restaurants to throw a luxury ingredient on the menu and charge $X more for something that is a sad approximation of the real thing.

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My peeve is seeing 'frig' as an abbreviation for refrigerator, rather than 'fridge.' Don't these people know the friggin' abbreviations?! :laugh: I know that doesn't refer specifically to food, but it is food related, right?

"Fat is money." (Per a cracklings maker shown on Dirty Jobs.)
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I don't mind the meaning of the word "foodie," I just don't like the word itself... someone come up with a new one! For me "foodie" falls right in with "veggie" etc. - it sounds childish.

Context is everything. In 12-step recovery circles foodies are compulsive overeaters.

My dear wife loves to make me cringe with: Yummo. (arrrggg!)

Porthos Potwatcher
The Once and Future Cook


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