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Dining Out in New Jersey on Thanksgiving day

Guest johnh91011

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Guest johnh91011

We are not in the mood to do a homecooked Thanksgiving this year. Any recommendations for restaurants in Northern NJ that have good thanksgiving day offerings. We love buffet style but sit down would be good too.

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another option, that you may or may not have considered, is having the food cooked by someone else. we did this with Fairway (NJ) a few years ago. it worked out great. a lot easier than cooking.

it seems that everyone from the Market Basket to Kings are offering this service these days.

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The last time I did Thanksgiving was in 1998!! Yes, 1998, 5 years ago, but I took notes and who better to share my notes with but this great forum.

We were 5 adults, all thin and not huge eaters but definitely eaters, and one 7-year-old girl.

I went to 2 places: Fairway and Food Factory (201) 836-7040, 740 Chestnut Ave, Teaneck

I used Food Factory because someone raved about it. Fairway is fabulous, too, of course.


Appetizers: Fairway Market,1214 Anderson Avenue, Fort Lee 201-224-7900

Roasted Yukon gold potatoes: NO!!!! (I forget why no. Maybe they weren't great)

pecan cranberry sauce, 4.95/pound. NO!!!! (also forget. maybe no one touched it)

Use Ocean Spray!!!!!, 2 cans MAX!!!

Mozzarella & Tomato platter, small tray, 10 people, $18.95 YES

One box of thin breadsticks YES

2 small focaccias, heat up and cut up. YES (I got 3 but 2 is plenty)

apple pie, 5.99 NO NO didn't even cut open

pecan pie, 5.99, had a few slices but next year NAH

chocolate chip cookies that the 7-year-old made: great.

NEXT YEAR: assorted cookies: chocolate chip and that's it!!!

FT CATERING, Francy 836-7040

12-pound turkey: $3.25/lb = $39 uncarved. GET UNCARVED: CARVING IS TOO EASY!

1 quart gravy $5

1/2 tray stuffing = 16.50

1/4 corn pudding 16.50

1/4 sweet potato casserole = 8.95


1/2 roast veg. medley = 16.50 DO NOT GET NEXT YEAR

get string bean platter and that's enough - one veggie enough.

Fairway: sesame string beans, 12 people, 4 pounds, 19.95, that would be fine or just get it from Francy.

Hope this helps. I think this is the way to go: order everything, cook nothing, eat at home with your shoes off if you feel like it. It is certainly the way to go if there are little kids in the group.


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If you like buffets then here is a very good one for Thanksgiving. It's the Friar Tuck Inn, (973) 239-4500, 691 Pompton Ave, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009. They do a wonderful buffet, they are geared up for it - in other words when you arrive for your reservation they are usually waiting for you (they have their timing right - and they do not rush you out the door either.

We made reservations again this year (last year was very good) and when I called they said that they were adding even more items to the menu which if I remember correctly will be the following:

Starters - A complete raw bar this year (No interest to us), they usually have a full salmon and some other cold fish stuff. Then a complete salad table with marinated mushrooms, salads, i.e. tuna, shrimp, mac, potato, rolls, and assorted cheeses, carrots, celery and other stuff I really can't remember it all. Then on to the main hot items, two different soups, some sort of macaroni dish, string beans almondine, potatoes, stuffing, turkey, ham and/or roast beef (this year they are also having filet mignon and chicken or was it veal francais - I don't remember. Then a really good dessert table with make your own sundae, choc mousse, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, rice pudding, etc. etc. They raised the price this year a little because of the additions - but I think it's going to be $37.00 pp including tip and tax. Not bad as the place is lovely and the service is very good and there is no rushing you in and and getting you out. In fact we are looking forward to going back again this year. As I understand it they also have this for Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day.

Hope this is of some to help to you. :smile:

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I'm going to a great cook's house in Montclair.

I'm bringing a huge platter of dried fruit that looks great, bought in Costco.

Also bringing a few pounds of pecans as a throw-in, as I just read this today:


It talks about pecans being really healthy. I'd cut and paste it for y'all but those copyright laws prevent it. Darn!

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Cooking a ham this Thanksgiving. Trying to avoid too many leftovers. Cooking the ham ala Aretha Franklin with a Doctor Pepper marinade/glaze.

I just read that chestnuts are very very healthy for you. Supposedly an excellent source of protein, better than eggs? Can anyone confirm that?

Happy Thanksgiving , all!

Heuriger Wein is mein Lieblingswein!

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Going to my Brother's restaurant in the Catskills(closed for Thanksgiving)



cocktail hour

Brie en croute

Smoked salmon, avocado, scallions and goat cheese rolls

Vegetarian liver pate

Tuna carpaccio with a lemon caper aioli


The perfect turkey

Asian sesame crusted salmon

Vegetarian lasagna—butternut squash, fennel, pinenuts, spinach and raisin


Braised fennel with chestnuts and shallots

Haricot Vert

Cranberry fruit conserve

Pomme Anna

Bourbon scented sweet potatoes


Honey nut tart

pumpkin banana mousse

Apple pie.......etc., etc. and so on

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A relative was going to host Thanksgiving for 18-20 family members, but due to her spouse's recent illness, I want to suggest we all go out to a restaurant to alleviate the pressure on her.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Half the group is in west Essex and a large contingent is from southern Somerset and Middlesex counties.

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A relative was going to host Thanksgiving for 18-20 family members, but due to her spouse's recent illness, I want to suggest we all go out to a restaurant to alleviate the pressure on her.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Half the group is in west Essex and a large contingent is from southern Somerset and Middlesex counties.

I believe the Gladstone Tavern will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner with 2 or 3 seatings. If I recall correctly, it's $40 per but much less for children. Personally, I love the G-stone tavern and it's pretty centrally located for your party.


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Some restaurants that are open for Thanksgiving are here:


Page will be updated on Wednesday.


Chez Catherine in Westfield offers a Thanksgiving dinner. This is from their website.

Mise en Bouche

Crémant de Bourgogne NV


Foie Gras Maison

“au torchon”, toasted brioche, persimmon and pecan salad

*Cuvée OH, Muscat Sec, Côte de Catalanes 2005

**Carmes de Rieussec, Sauternes 2004


Potage de Saison

seasonal soup


Feuilleté de Fruits de Mer

scallops, shrimp, mussels, chanterelles, crisp pastry, and lobster cream sauce

*Riesling, Pierre Sparr, Alsace 2006

**Riesling “Grand Cru”, François Baur, Alsace 2000




Carré d’Agneau

rack of lamb, flageolets, fingerling potatoes, onion confit, and roasted garlic rosemary jus


Filet de Bœuf au Poivre

pan-seared filet mignon, sautéed spinach, black peppercorn cream sauce

*Petite Sirah, Huntington, California 2005

**Petite Sirah, Rosenblum Heritage Clones, San Francisco Bay 2004


Assortment of Four Cheeses and Fruit


cheese only - $10.00

or cheese and wine - $20.00

Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Château La Nerthe 2003


Farandole de Desserts

*Muscat, Vin de Glaciére, Bonny Doon 2004

**Gewurztraminer, Hugel, Alsace 2004


Café et Mignardises


Prix-Fixe: $75.00

With Wine Pairing, 3oz each: $38.00

With Premium Wine Pairing, 3oz each: $55.00

Please let us know if you have any food allergies

C.J. Reycraft, Jr., Chef de Cuisine

Stéphane Bocket, Maître d’Hôtel

"There is something uncanny in the noiseless rush of the cyclist, as he comes into view, passes by, and disappears."

Popular Science, 1891

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The Stage House in Scotch Plains is doing a 3 course prix fixe for $39 in the restaurant and $34 in the tavern. Really a perfect atmosphere for a Thanksgiving meal, IMO.

And David Drake's offers Thanksgiving dinner as well, $58 prix fixe.

"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best --" and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called. - A.A. Milne

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honestly, its my opinion that holiday dining(valentines, new years, etc) does not bring out the finest in a restaurant and we are looking for the finest in david drakes. we also now are very interested to try daryls wine bar in n.b.

stage house was average, we had never been there and wanted to try the restaurant just based on reviews of old. realistically, it was a $39 dinner. turkey and mashed potatoes cant be dressed up too much

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My fiancé and I have been overwhelmed with the storms aftermath. Losing a car, power and the contents of our refrigerator we consider ourselves lucky, living in Hoboken. I looked at the calendar tonight in shock after dinner and informed him that Thanksgiving is next week. There went our plans to visit his parents in Tahoe as flights are over a grand.

Does anyone know what restaurants may be open in Hobken or NYC (if we can get there on a holiday)? I know The Manor, Higlawn and Rods are open having worked at all three but we may not have a car by then (our car was totalled in the storm).

Thanks in advance!

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