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Florence Restaurants: Reviews & Recommendations


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Hey, guys! I'm (finally) heading to Italy for the first time in May. We'll be in Florence for five or six days, and I can't wait to sample all the culinary delights. Any more up to date recommendations for can't-miss lunches, dinners, gelato, cafes, pastry, etc.?

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Look forward to hearing about where you've eaten. Just started to think about restaurants for a 4 night trip in May - particularly interested in dinners.

John Hartley

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I will be leaving for Florence in a couple of days, for a couple of days. Restaurant and other foodie recommendations--anyone?


Might've already missed you on this but here's my 2 cents (we were there for a month last summer):


Garga: we really liked some of the chef's takes on traditional dishes, adding some fresh ideas but staying grounded (with his mother still in the kitchen enough to ensure it) 

Zeb: a modernistic "sit at the counter watching" type operation with a mother/son team.  We had a very good meal there

Il Santo Bevitore: nice rooms, very nice food & wine.


These are in addition to the more well known places to go (Nerbone in Central Market, for example or Casalinga behind Santo Spirito or Sostanza).  Just a couple of sight seeing tips: the Monks do Gregorian chanting every evening in the church that sits above Piazza Michelangelo (Basilica di San Miniato al Monte) & this is even a better view of all of Florence then from the tourist filled Michelangelo below it… very haunting, beautiful way to end the day/start the evening.  Also, there's a mosaic workshop in Santa Croce on a side street (I Mosaici Di Lastrucci - Via dei Macci,9 just off Santa Croce's plaza) that is totally open to just go in and view the work being done & a back room full of their work that they love to display.  Aint many of these places left.  The church there (Santa Croce) has a leather school in back that's also worth seeing (& shopping at).  They ship and are reliable.


Have fun.

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