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Hartford/Storrs, CT


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Hi Erin,

Thanks for your response.

We're staying in Hartford and having meetings in Storrs so somewhere in between the two would work (as long as it's easy to get to - we don't have any prior knowledge of the area!). Price isn't a critical issue. Cuisine...let's see, steakhouses work. Italian or American also. I love Indian but my colleague does not so skip that.

Thanks again,


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I hope this isn't too late but here are a few quick thoughts.

The top rated restaurant in Hartford, according to Zagat is Max Downtown. I've never been there but have heard good things. Classified as New American.

Tapas in West Hartford is an interesting option, very good, inexpensive Middle Eastern food.

Between Hartford and Storrs in Vernon is a very good, inexpensive "NY Style deli," Rein's in Vernon.

There are some Italian restaurants in the Italian area of Hartford, but personally, I think they are way overrated. Cavey's in Manchester supposedly has good Italian, but I've never been there.

Although, Mozzicato's in Hartford has the best damn canolis.

I've had enjoyable meals at Max Amore in Glastonbury. Italian.

I don't really do steak, so I'm not sure about steakhouses in the area, but there is a Morton's. I don't know of any nonchain steakhouses in the area.

I don't know about anything in Storrs, it's kind-of a dead area, although Willington Pizza has some good pizza, especially their white pizzas.

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:unsure: jenny,,try cavey's,,,its right on the way to storrs from hartford. im not sure if your looking for lunch or dinner though?? im the chef in the french restaurant downstairs so ask for me if you come! on the ground floor in the original restaurant,,(northern italian). the # 643-2751 if interested. ask for mike ok. :laugh:
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