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Florida Jim

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Lunch was sliced turkey, thin sliced sweet cappa colla, garlic potato salad, assorted cheeses, black olives and raw carrots. To accompany;

1999 Alain Michaud, Brouilly Cuvee Prestige de VV:

vibrant fresh cherry with some mineral and earth tones/

medium body, flavors follow the nose with intense cherry flavors and a very clean streak of stone-mineral evident, well resolved and a texture of satin, bright acids that are backing but never poking through, nicely structured and balanced, lovely concentration/

long, mineral-cherry finish.

The first smell was more than enough to make me smile. The first sip was absolutely delicious. And then, it got better. Utterly sublime with the cappa colla and quite good with everything else save the carrots. Bags of life.

$17, delivered - $200 buys a case!

As my brother would say, “un-bay leaf-able!”

Best, Jim


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The first smell was more than enough to make me smile.


We had a Moulin-à-Vent with dinner the other night, first beaujolais in probably a year, and it was like magic -- everyone started grinning. Just thinking about it is making me smile like a moron right now. I think it was $21 at the restaurant.

Of course bad beaujolais is profoundly depressing.

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