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Lunch at Salumi

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Remember, they are only open Tuesday through Friday. If I were you, I would call first, ask for Gina, and mention that you are training up from Oregon specifically for lunch at Salumi and see if she can set up a special lunch for you. It's really quite the experience. Get a large group together (I know where you can find interested people  :wink: ) and you can even reserve the back room!

I'll be in Seattle in September (traveling up from Amsterdam :laugh: ) and I would just love lunch at Salumi.

How long before the date do you think I should call? I already know the days we'll be in Seattle. But September is still such a long time away...

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July 19. Sample plate.


Look at how coarse the grind is and how loosely packed it is. It really falls apart which, although is inconvenient for eating directly, is perfect for a sandwich. The flavors were bold and unlike any commercial charcuterie I've ever had.

I sorely wish we had a charcuterier like Salumi in my city!

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^The sliced meats do not usually fall apart--the batches that have been coming out in the last few weeks were not as good as usual because they were experimenting with a new method that didn't work out as planned. It still tastes OK but the appearance is kind of disappointing.

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Thanks to Henry & Lorna, I was able to attend a back-room lunch at Salumi last Tuesday. Three hours (no parking ticket!), a regular + a magnum bottle of wine, 11 plates, good conversation, you can't ask for more. :raz:

Some of these pictures are not that great, but everybody was hungry and you can't keep people from digging in to pork products very long. :biggrin:

#1: Assorted Salumi meats


#2: Stuffed eggplant


#3: Sweet & sour cipollini onions ("The best onion preparation ever" I think Henry said)


#4: Gnocco fritto with culatello


#5: Crostini with chicken liver pate (It was not blurry in real life. :biggrin: )


#6: Beet salad


#7: Lardo wrapped shrimp :wub:


#8: Handmade gnocchi with lamb


#9: Milk-braised pork tenderloin with fried sage leaves


#10: Rapini with guanciale? I forget.


#11: Happy birthday Lorna! Chocolate cake made by Henry, with hazelnut frosting made by Lorna.


After lunch I came home and took a three hour nap, and there was no need for dinner later. :cool:

Thanks again everybody! I had a great time.

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Mmmm excellent photos! My favourites at that particular lunch was the lardo-wrapped shrimp (last time we got lardo-wrapped grissini...ok, so basically anything with lardo I like :wub: ), the onions, and of course the chocolate cake.

BTW, you are very lucky you got to skip dinner that day. Our neighbours made us a 10 course dinner that same night and I thought my stomach was going to burst after all that food!

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