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Sorry, can't find a recipe, but it would probably be possible to recreate the curry by adapting recipes for "raj-style" curry served at British Officer's clubs throughout colonial India, and was the original inspiration for local-style curry. The main thing here is the fact that (1) a anglo-curry sauce can be made from "Madras" curry powder, meat stock and roux, (2) accompaniments of raisins, Major Grey chutney, chopped coconut, chopped bacon, hard-boiled eggs, bananas, etc. are essential.

The main innovations of the local-style curry are the substitution of coconut milk for meat stock in the curry, and things like chopped candied ginger and/or macadamia nuts that wouldn't be found in the original version. Also, the the Willows version in particular I believe had a darker, roasted curry powder, reflecting the influence of Kusuma Cooray, who was chef there prior to its temporary closing in the 1990s.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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