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DIGEST: Hawaii Eating News


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A hearty welcome as well, Pumuckel67.

As Tad mentioned, this topic really deserves a thread of it's own, so I've started one in the Pacific NW, Alaska, and Hawaii forum. Here it is:

Pineapple and "Hawaii" food

Thanks for your very interesting question!

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been out of town, so media stuff has piled up. Therefore you get a double-sized post this week. For those of you in Honolulu, note that some of the events mentioned in the articles below have already passed!

While we're at it, I had a couple of questions I wanted to throw out to our reader(s?).

(1) The Star-Bulletin and Advertiser often run non-local flavor articles on such things as how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. Really not a lot different than what you would get in the Sacramento Bee, Akron Beacon-Journal, etc., I expect. Would you like me to just ignore these articles? Or should I include them anyway to give a "representative" view of local cuisine which after all includes plenty of stuff that is not unique to the islands.

(2) On a related point: Unlike much of the stuff appearing in the big-market national papers, I assume that the articles in the Honolulu papers is interesting primarily to those who have an interest in Hawai`i cuisine, and not really to anyone else. Given that, does it make sense to move this digest to the newly-formed Hawai`i Forum under Restaurants, Cuisine and Travel, or just to keep it here?

Opinions, votes would much appreciated. Mahalo.

WEEKLY EATER: Hilo's Kaikodo lovely to look at, but offers little else. By Nadine Kam.

I knew I'd catch up with Mike Fennelly sooner or later. I became intrigued by the chef after descending on Santa Fe's Santacafé about 12 years . . .

Aiiiya! One of the true pioneers of East-West Fusion (Santacafe opened in 1983, about the same time as Chinois and before pretty much every other fusion restaurant in the country) has fallen to Earth. You would think that Hilo would be an great location for his style of cooking (though away from the Kona tourist crowds), but according to Nadine Kam it just isn't working out. In his case, you'd like to give him every opportunity to succedd.

HAWAI`I AT WORK: Love to cook, love to eat: Jack Mead makes money doing what he loves best

Executive Chef at the branch of Morton's Steakhouse, Ala Moana Branch, interviews himself.

Diamond Bakery is holding contest to mark 82nd year

Only remaining maker of the local standby, the popular saloon pilot cracker, looks for stories and recipes.

Taro Traditions. By Betty Shimabukuro

the main feature (along with "star" chefs) at a benefit dining event for the Native Hawaiian Legal Corp

Students offer a taste of tilapia. By Betty Shimabukuro

The ugly buggah actually tastes good . . .

HAWAII'S KITCHEN: Ginger works with ahi and steak, with Flory Visoria and Robbie Acoba of Eastside Grill

THE ELECTRIC KITCHEN: Crisp strips top chicken salad, by Joan Foley and Susan Spegar in an episode called "Healthy Cooking in Paradise"

BY REQUEST: Pickled onions easy to make and fun to give. By Betty Shimabukuro.

Pickled onions can be done up with all manner of spices, from cumin to cloves. Make them sweet or salty, or heat them up with chile peppers. Pair them . . .

WEEKLY EATER: Cafeteria food for UH dorm kids ain't what it used to be. By Nadine Kam.

AS if there isn't enough to envy about today's youth, including more choices in music, better-looking clothes (no? can you say '80s?), abundant technology, . . .

From the days of Sodexho to Saga Foods. From the days of Turkey ala King to Cajun Portobello and Assorted Nigiri. As a frequent customer of the Campus Center Cafeteria, I can tell you that there has been a real improvement since the early days, and the food is much more "localized" despite being managed by a national chain. Interesting innovation is the "spotlight entree" of the day, which is often something straight out of the HRC cookbook. It's usually priced from $6-8, but usually nobody buys it, so I don't know how long it's going to last.

A chef to call your own. By Betty Shimabukuro

On hiring a personal chef. . . at least for a day.

HAWAII'S KITCHEN: Whole fish makes sizzling presentation. With Ronnie Nasuti of Roy's Restaurant.

ELECTRIC KITCHEN: Dish depends on

ahi’s quality, prepared by Brenda Tanaka and Jason Kiyota of the Food Co.

BY REQUEST: Desired recipe arrives in time for the holiday. By Betty Shimabukuro.

The turkey may be the star of the Thanksgiving dinner, but don't forget to give some careful consideration to starch, the foundation on which the bird . . .

The Advertiser:

' target='_blank'>Lu'au may be chapel's salvation, by Eloise Aguiar.

Hau`ula's historic Kamalamalama O Ke`ao Church raises funds by preparing 1000 pounds of kalua pig (along with squid lu'au, poke, crab, lomi 'o'io, 'opihi, long rice, lomi salmon, poi, rice and haupia, all one one plate lunch for 7 bucks).

PRESCRIPTIONS: Use kava-kava only if it's prepared correctly, by Laurie Steelsmith

I don't know if this qualifies as a food article but local people tend to treat kava like food, not a drug. Use plain water extracts made from only the root of the plant. Check OTC preparations for additives.

Liquid liftoff. By Wanda A. Adams

Energy Drinks. Yawn.

Moi will star at Native Hawaiian fund-raiser dinner. By Wanda A. Adams

Same benefit for Native Hawaiian Legal Corp. mentioned in Betty Shimabukuro's article.

7 OR LESS: Taquitos on tap at Taste of Waipahu. By Wanda A. Adams

Jose and Blanca Aguila and their La Familia Restaurant staff served flautas.

Saloon Pilot lovers get a recipe contest; La Mer holiday treat is for a good cause. By Wanda A. Adams

"Search for the Ultimate Diamond," in which they ask for Islanders' favorite recipes using those old-fashioned Saloon Pilot crackers and for heartwarming stories about the crackers.
Same as the Star-bulletin story above - nothing wrong with that; these are objectively newsworthy I guess! Also, Halekulani's La Mer holds a $150 benefit "Remy Martin Ultimate Dinner" for the James Beard Foundation.

Techniques for turkey. By Wanda A. Adams

QUICK BITES: Creative with moi. By Wanda A. Adams.

"Ali`i Kaiseki" at Kacho in Waikiki Parc Hotel,

And a couple recent restaurant reviews:

CUISINE ON A SHOESTRING: Coffee shop mixes Puerto Rican, local cuisine. By Matthew Gray

Haole-Chinese couple serves pastele plate with gandule rice, bacalao salad.

EATING OUT: Happy's food tasty, but dim sum disappoints. By Matthew Gray

Aiiiya again! One of the stars of Kaimuki's restaurant row and great family favorites of all time is alleged to have "insipid and greasy" dim sum.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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WEEKLY EATER: Moi is king of a special kaiseki dinner at Kacho, by Nadine Kam

Kacho's "Ali`i Kaiseki" gets reviewed positively by both Star-Bulletin and Advertiser within a week of each other. . . that's about as much hype as is humanly possible in our little island.

Keeping it together, compiled by Betty Shimabukuro.

More Thanksgiving stuff.

ELECTRIC KITCHEN: Mama's Lasagna Sauce, with Peter Rappa.

HAWAII'S KITCHEN: Bread pudding, with Warren Uchida of The Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

STUFFS: Morsels

Early December events: Gingerbread festival at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall, "Christmas in Tuscany" at Café Sistina.

BY REQUEST: Next-day dish makes use of extra starch, by Betty Shimabukuro.

How to use up leftovers from Thanksgiving: Taro Stuffing Bake

KEY INGREDIENT: French-fried onions, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga.

BY THE GLASS: Chardonnays, merlots will work on turkey day, by Roberto Viernes.


CUISINE ON A SHOESTRING: A tasty Chinese take on the cuisine of Japan, by Matthew Gray

Yusura Restaurant provides inexpensive, straightforward ramen, fried rice, and other Sino-Japanese dishes, as well as curry, in the middle of Chinatown.

EATING OUT: At the elegant Veranda, the curry is to dine for, by Matthew Gray

Rohit Prasad presents a daily curry buffet lunch at the Mandarin Oriental. Forced to check it out!

Church lu'au nets $3,100 for repairs, by Eloise Aguiar

A follow-up on the story about Kamalamalama O Keao Church's fund-raising lu`au for termite-repair. Reading about the luau caused donors to step out of the woodwork (sic).

QUICK BITES: Thanks to those who prepare turkey meals. By Wanda A. Adams

Restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving dinner this year.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Sam Choy talks story, provides lu'au how-to in new book, by Wanda A. Adams

Sam Choy's new book answers all your questions about how to prepare a luau, also talks story and features the music of the Makaha Sons.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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This week in the Star-Bulletin:

Kim Chee Maker Heated Up Hawai`i. By Mary Vorsino

Helen Halm, founder Halm's Kim Chee, passes away at 85.

Plenty poke and much, much more. By Lyn Danninger

Tanioka's Seafood and Catering in Waipahu celebrates its 25th anniversary

Kaimuki eateries sold. By Erika Engle.

Auntie Pasto Kapahulu Branch and Eddie's owner Ed Wary divests; units were "underperforming a little bit". Auntie Pasto bought up by family that used to own Cho Mak Korean Restaurant; will rename it La Lieto Pasta(?!).

Famed Louis XIII cognac tops the ultimate dinner, by Betty Shimabukuro

Sautéed Duck Liver, Thinly Sliced Abalone with Mirin and Lime, Potato Croustade with Escargots, Black Rice Risotto with Langoustine, Roasted Crispy Skin Moi, Milk-Fed Veal Medallion with Roquefort.
Plus half a pour of the Louis XIII. $150 a person at Halekulani's LaMer Restaurant to raise money for the James Beard Foundation.

Gourmet Cooking Hawaii gives access to classes with pros

Chef Mavro, Donato's, Meritage, Morton's Steakhouse, Padovani's, Tiki's Grill & Bar and Sam Choy's.

HAWAII'S KITCHEN: Island-style BBQ Salmon prepared by Clifton Kaholokua of the Sheraton Moana Surfrider's Banyan Veranda Restaurant

THE ELECTRIC KITCHEN: Coach’s cheesecake a winner, prepared by University of Hawaii quarterback coach Dan Morrison

BY REQUEST: Making cioppino the simple way, by Betty Shimabukuro

KEY INGREDIENT: Delicata and sweet dumpling Winter squashes, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga

BY THE GLASS: 2004 promises a vintage year for wine lovers, by Chuck Furuya

BOOKS FOR COOKS: Bittersweet’ is a must for lovers of chocolate, by Barbara Burke

Alice Medrich's food autobiography.

In the Advertiser:

HOW TO BAKE: Learn the secret of sugar cookie success, by Wanda A. Adams

Tiffanie Luke of KCC Culinary Institute shows how it's done with pate sucre

Foodland cancels online shopping, by Vicki Viotti

Jenai Wall, Foodland Super Market chief executive officer, said the service had fans, but "Foodland To Go has not maintained a sufficient volume of business to justify the resources devoted to the service."

QUICK BITES, by Wanda Adams

Ice Cream special flavors, Roy Yamaguchi in Chili Pepper magazine

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Alu Like publishes favorite elder recipes, by Wanda Adams

. . .mamaki tea, poke, chicken lu'au, pohole salad. . .fish-ball soup, tuna patties, curry stew, beef hekka, baked bananas.
All low-fat, sugar, sodium, with nutritional analysis included.

I'll be away on a trip at this time next week, so it'll be a couple weeks until I update next. Ugh. . . I know you just live for this digest . . . so try to hold on till I get back! :wacko:

Edited to include neglected byline.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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  • 3 weeks later...

Been gone again for a couple weeks, so here's another double-header:


A holiday cookie collection, by Betty Shimabukuro

M is for Makaha Sons (and Sam)

"A Hawaiian Luau with Sam Choy and the Makaha Sons" (Mutual Publishing, 2003, $29.95) is a cookbook-and-CD combo that provides recipes for the luau table and music to play during the party. The music is a collection of Makaha Son's favorites, such as "Round in Waikiki" and "Hopoe," as well as the luau standards "Lahaina Luna" and "Blue Hawai'i".

HAWAII'S KITCHEN: Sear shrimp for tasty, quick dish, prepared by James Gillespie of The Plaza Club

Also, the cookbook for this show has come out:

"The Hawaii's Kitchen Cookbook -- Chef's Edition" (Watermark, 2003, $10) features 100 recipes from Alan Wong, George Mavrothalassitis, Chai Chaowasaree, Glenn Chu, Hiroshi Fukui, Beverly Gannon, D.K. Kodama, Colin Nishida, Russell Siu and Linda Yamada.

THE ELECTRIC KITCHEN: Caramel apple takes the cake, prepared by Patricia Rodriguez

BY REQUEST: Party kebabs fill menu from start to finish, by Betty Shimabukuro

Teriyaki Sticks, Pineapple Teri-Bobs (?) . . .

KEY INGREDIENT: Chocolate Chips, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga

BY THE GLASS: Health benefits worth toasting, in moderation, by Ryan Shiinoki

Nothing says "ho, ho, ho" better than a cake soaked in rum, by Betty Shimabukuro

T is for tea, by Betty Shimabukuro

Tea Chest, 500 Alakawa St. (behind the new Costco gas station in Iwilei). . . L'Epicer in Ala Moana Center, the first American outlet in a chain with 70 tea shops in Japan.

HAWAII'S KITCHEN: Cajun flavors spice up ahi, by Jean-Pierre Maharibatcha of John Dominis

BY REQUEST: Won ton soup is a flavorful bowl of warmth, by Betty Shimabukuro

KEY INGREDIENT: Apple Cider, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga


QUICK BITES: Top Island chefs will teach classes, by Wanda A. Adams

Gourmet Cooking Hawaii includes chefs Donato Loperfido (Donato's, pictured) Goran Streng (Hawaii Prince), Mariano Lalica (Meritage) and Pierre Padovani (Padovani's). Other participating restaurants include Chef Mavro, Tiki's Grill & Bar and Sam Choy's.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Chef credits family, 'Boys' for sushi success, by Wanda A. Adams

Dave "D.K." Kodama's of Sansei restaurant releases a new book: "D.K.'s Sushi Chronicles from Hawai'i" (Ten Speed Press).

QUICK BITES: Kona Brewing Co. comes to Hawai'i Kai, by Wanda Adams

Opening up at the Koko Marina Center.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Kewalo eatery serving up its last: Kanda Lunchwagon plans on closing on Christmas Eve, by Rosemarie Bernardo

Known for its beef curry

Local beef industry awaits mad cow fallout, by Rod Antone

BSE outbreak in the state seen as highly unlikely

L&L Drive-Inn aims to open 52 sites in '04, by Erika Engle

Both in Hawai`i and on the mainland - already has 23 leases and 12 signed letters of intent for new franchises. Existing operations have done well everywhere so far except for Connecticut (?)

Sushi & spirits, by Betty Shimabukuro

Reviews of D.K. Kodama's Sushi Chronicles and Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi's book on tropical drinks

STUFFS: Morsels

Mochitsuki 2003 (ricecake pounding) to be held at the Honbushin International Center

BY REQUEST: ’Tis the season for special mochi recipes, by Betty Shimabukuro

Coconut mochi, to be precise

KEY INGREDIENT: Candy Canes, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga

BY THE GLASS: New Year’s Eve is a time to indulge yourself, by Roberto Viernes

Can't afford Dom Perignon? Try Billecart Salmon Brut Reserve or Pommery Brut Royal, both $32.


Pupu party for people on the go-go, by Wanda A. Adams

No, it's not what you think it is. . .

A plentitude of pupu for your next home soiree, by Wanda A. Adams

Dessert miniatures transcend petit fours By Wanda A. Adams

Frances Yoshinaga Pons' line of elegant miniature desserts, called Sugar Rush

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Put a lid on the bad marinara and bring us a Trader Joe's by Wanda A. Adams

QUICK BITES: Panya Bistro opens at Ala Moana Center

Japanese-style bakery also offers noodle and rice dishes

And Happy Holidays to you too. . .

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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2004 begins . . . the Advertiser's "Ilima" awards should be coming out in a short time, as should Honolulu Magazine's "Hale `Aina" awards. But in the meantime, let me do my own summing up by indexing some of the serials and columns that I haven't already been keeping up with throughout the year. See the first post on this thread, or my Guide to Guide to Hawai`i Restaurants for more info on what these are.

Sam Choy's Kitchen on KHNL:

Dec. 27, 2003 Rebroadcast from 7/6/02. Grandma Sumida's Watercress Tempura.

Dec. 20, 2003. Egg Nog Yule Log. Macadamia Nut Shortbread Chopsticks.

Dec. 13, 2003 Rebroadcast from 4/5/2003. Tofu Steak Temaki Sushi.

Dec. 6, 2003 Rebroadcast from 9/21/02. Palusami. Coconut Crab Cakes . Coconut-Basil Mayonnaise. Baked CoconutUhu .

Nov. 29, 2003 There were no recipes for this show.

Nov. 22, 2003. Roast Turkey. Giblet Gravy. Thanksgiving Mashed Potato. Thanksgiving Vegetables. Pumpkin Bread Pudding.

Nov. 15, 2003. Salmon and Pecans. Poke.

Nov. 8, 2003. Halibut and Crab Pinwheels with Roasted Corn Salsa.

Nov. 1, 2003. Poke Patties. SautTed Opakapaka with Spinach Coconut Luau Sauce.

Oct. 25, 2003. æUlu Bagels. Lomi Salmon and Poi Biscuits. KaweloÆs Mini Lau Lau.

Oct. 18, 2003 This show has been pre-empted.

Oct. 11, 2003. Kalbi. Korean Style Kimchee Pancake.

Oct. 4, 2003. Pumpkin Bread.

Sep. 27, 2003 Rebroadcast from 7/14/01. Graham Cracker Sandwich. Pound Cake Delight. Ice Cream Mouse. Bubbies Big Navel.

Sep. 20, 2003 Rebroadcast from11/10/01. Sea Rations.

Sep. 13, 2003. Barbeque Ribs. Rosemary-Garlic Olive Oil Sweet Bread. Macadamia Nut Basil Pesto.

Sep. 6, 2003 Rebroadcast from 10/6/01. Pickled Eggplant Salmon. Nineties Potato Salad.

Aug. 30, 2003. Apple Crisp. Blueberry Cobbler.

Aug. 23, 2003. Pickled Mango. Mango Bread.

Aug. 16, 2003. Mojito. Summer 1,2,3 Splash Margarita. Iced Coffee. Appletini.

Aug 9, 2003 This week's show has been pre-empted.

Aug. 2, 2003 Rebroadcast from 1/12/02. Chicken Parmesan. Seafood Pasta.

July 26, 2002. Pulehu Flank Steak with DadÆs Sunday Potatoesand Nalo Greens with a Kona Prange Vinigrette. Grilled Marinated Shrimp with Aloha Soy Drizzle,Mango Salsa and Soba Noodles.

July 19, 2002. Macadamia Nut Ahi Poke with Furikake Crisp. Shoyu Lemongrass Glaze. Micro Greens Salad with Sake Vinaigrette. Furikake Crisp. Poke Kahiko.

July 12, 2002 Rebroadcast from 5/6/2000. Braised Lamb Shank. Local Style Beef Salad.

July 5, 2003 Rebroadcast from 5/18/2002. Pork Luau. Taro Cinnamon Roll.

June 28, 2003 Rebroadcast from 2/16/2002. DUCKàDUCKàGOOSE!! (. duck). Foie Gras. Hoisin Chili Sauce. Loco Moco. Goose Adobo. Kahlua Chocolate Souffle. Mango Martini. Bellini. Bermundo Triangle.

June 21, 2003 Rebroadcast from 8/17/2002. Herb/Garlic Rotisserie Cornish Game Hens. Bok Choy Broccoli.

June 14, 2003 Rebroadcast from 6/8/2002. Tropilicious BeachinÆ Strawberry Banana Ice Cream. Tropilicous Toasted Coconut Ice Cream.

June 7, 2003. Kappa Maki. Oshinko Maki. Futomaki. California Roll (Temaki).

May 31, 2003. Chinatown Duck Breast. Guava Glazed Salmon. Kalua Ham Hash.

May 24, 2003. Warm Coconut-Pineapple Tart with Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

May 17, 2003. Chow Fun. Braised Short Ribs.

May 10, 2003. Kalua Pig. Seafood Luau.

May 3, 2003. Ahi Flautas with Chipotle Wasabi Aioli. Sinaloa Chimichanga Pupu. Enchiladas Verdes Cilantro and Tomatillo.

Apr. 26, 2003. Oyster Cakes with Hijimi Remoulade. Marine Corps Base Hawaii 7 Layer Hawaiian Bean Dip.

Apr. 19, 2003. Blueberry Scones. Lup Cheong Frittata.

Apr. 12, 2003 Rebroadcast from 4/27/2002. Paper Sack Shrimp with a Bouquet of Hawaiian Baby Greens and Thai Vinaigrette. Limu-Ginger Crusted Salmon.

Apr. 5, 2003 Rebroadcast from 10/26/2002. Tofu Steak Temaki Sushi.

Mar. 30, 2003. Crab and Shiitake Mushroom pork Chops. Baked Custard Potatoes.

Mar. 22, 2003 Rebroadcast from 9/28/2002. Palusami. Coconut Crab Cakes . Coconut-Basil Mayonnaise. Baked CoconutUhu .

Mar. 15, 2003. Cilantro Salmon Steaks. Lamb Stew.

Mar. 8,2003 Rebroadcast from 8/3/2002. BBQ Salmon on Sun Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Potato Spring Vegetable Salad. Seared Lanai Venison with Foie Gras Sweet Potato Hash.

Mar. 1, 2003. Upcountry Sausage Stuffed Chicken. Chi Chi Dango.

Feb. 22, 2003. Gingered Scallops with Soba Noodles. Sun Noodle Yakisoba.

Feb. 15, 2003 Rebroadcast from 3/23/2002. Sinaloa Style Enchiladas. Sinaloa Tacos Dorados (Sinaloa Fried Tacos). Quesadillas.

Feb. 8, 2003 Rebroadcast from 7/7/2001. Marinated Ahi Salad. Teriyaki Chicken Caesar Salad (Miss Hawaii Asian-Style Chicken Salad).

Feb. 1, 2003 Rebroadcast from 12-1-2001. KaÆu Mac Nut Crusted Opakapaka Salad with Brie Cheese and a Warm Pineapple Vinaigrette. Peachy Peach Peach Sundae.

Jan. 25, 2003 Rebroadcast from 7/6/2002. Grandma Sumida's Watercress Tempura.

Jan. 18, 2003 Rebroadcast from 8/11/2001. Coconut Shrimp With Guava Sweet and Sour Sauce. Togarashi Crusted Ahi Steak with Asian Pasta Salad andMango-Cucumber Salsa.

Jan. 11, 2003 Rebroadcast from 3/10/2001. Fruity Watercress Tofu Salad with Asian Pear Vinaigrette. Pan Fried Noodles with Green Veggies.

Jan 04, 2003 Rebroadcast from 4/28/2001. Saba No Miso Ni. Senba Ju.

Cheap Eats with Sam Choy and Lyle Galdeira, also on KHNL

December 12, 2003 Moutarde

October 31, 2003 R & P's Cafe and Catering

October 24, 2003 Palama Supermarket

October 10, 2003 M and N Fast Food

September 26, 2003 Azteca

August 22, 2003 Kularb Lao Thai

Lucky You Live Hawaii: West Honolulu Aloha Aina Cafe

Lucky You Live Hawaii: Manoa - Moili'ili The Wedding Cafe

Lucky You Live Hawaii: Aiea Marujyu Market

Lucky You Live Hawaii: Big Island Bale

Lucky You Live Hawaii: Mililani Waldo's Great Flying Pizza Company

Lucky You Live Hawaii: Waipahu Highway Inn

Lucky You Live Hawaii: Maui Da Kitchen

June 6, 2003 Pepper's Place

May 30, 2003 Big City Diner

Cafeteria Eats: Kalani High School

Cafeteria Eats: Kamehameha Schools

The Food Company

Waikane Store

Iolani Family Fair

On The Juice

Tokyo Noodle House

Komala Curry House

Cooke Street Diner

Rocky's Coffee Shop

Sand Island Chop Suey

Da Big Kahuna's Pizza 'n Stuffs

Punahou Carnival

Asia Manoa

Magoo's Pizza

Enchanted Lake Kim Chee

Kapolei Korean Barbecue

Hong Kong Orchid Cafe

Ayame Ramen and Curry House

New Island Barbecue

Jimmy's Lakeside Cafe

O&S Saimin


Kit 'n Kitchen

Bob's Barbeque

Mister Goodburger's

Mark's Place

Cupies In Kahului, Maui

Times Coffee Shop

DJ's Barbeque


Kaimuki Chop Suey

La Familia Restaurante Mexicano

Mom's Soul Food

Uptown Cafe

Well Bento

Restaurant 168

Young's Fish Market

Shige's Saimin Stand

Eastside Grill


Richie's Drive Inn

Spots Inn


Daiichi Noodle Cafe

Daiichi Noodles

El Charro

Ja Ja

Mark's Drive Inn



Aiea Manapua And Snacks

Aiea Bowl's Coffee Shop

Okata Bento

Fort Ruger Market: All About Poke


HK's In Moiliili

KITV TV's On the Menu Restaurant Spots

Dick's Ultimate Pasta

Boulevard Saimin

Annam's Vietnamese Cuisine

Boulevard Saimin

Sis Kitchen

Island Sushi

Yuchan Korean Restaurant

People's Cafe

Wasabi Bistro

Volcano Joe's

Hannara Restaurant

Little Village

Bali Indonesia

Umeke Market Natural Foods and Deli

Rainbow Drive-In Express

Ono Korean Bar BQ

King Street Cafe

Restaurant Yao's

A Un

Pearl Delights Bento and Sushi

Eastern Paradise Restaurant

The Chef's Corner

Sisters' Cafe

Hawaii Kai Golf Course


The Contemporary Museum Cafe

Brian's Grinds

Hyun-Dai Korean Supermarket



Lanikila Rehabilitation Center

The Nutty Hawaiian

Moutarde Cafe


Asia Manoa

Kansai Yamato

Kit 'N Kitchen


Sconees Bakery

Tea At 1024

Cafe Rainbow

The Grill At The Diamond Head Market

Sam's Delicatessen

Yama Chan

Mamo's All You Can Eat Pizza

KC Kitchen

Eddies Burgers and Frozen Custard

Jack's Restaurant

Covenant Books And Coffee Shop

Ducky's Korean Barbeque

Waiakamilo Drive-In

Fairwood Drive Inn

Sam The Man's BBQ & Ramen

Bogart's Cafe

Ebisu Catering Service

Big Aloha Cookies

Cho Mark Jung

Scoop du Jour

Yoshiya Japanese Restaurant

Pedro's Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Jun Bo Chinese Restaurant

Clyde's Cafeteria

Coffee Factory

Cooke Street Diner


The Well Bento

Louise's Deli

Aikane Cafe

Strawberry Connection

Bo Lai Restaurant

Minato Japanese Restaurant

21 Mart

Jimmy's Lakeside Bakery Cafe

O-Bok Korean Restaurant

Flamingo Kapiolani

Helen's Chinese Food

Helen's Party Store

Uptown Fountain

Brandi's Deli


Golden Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

Kwong On

Good To Go Hawaii

Lanikai Juice Hawaii

Zazou European Cafe

Keeaumoku Kim Chee

Lucky Inn

Eastside Grill

Kiawe Grill Korean BBQ

Randino's Pizza & Pho


Yu's Dessert House

Shiroma's Lunchwagon

New Campbell Chop Suey

Kalo's Island Grinds

Pizza House

Palolo Drive Inn

One Plus One Drive Inn

Top's Deli



Supreme Bento & Plate Lunch

Peppa's Korean BBQ

Big Gino's Pizza

Hawaii Caterers Lunch Wagon

Doe Fang

Bo Lee Kitchen

JJ Diner

Kamamalu Korean BBQ

Champion Malasadas

Cafe Maharani

Henry's Cafe

Harry's Cafe

Dew Drop Inn

Sunrise Restaurant

Cousin's Restaurant

Paradise Barbeque and Noodle Shop

Chun Wah Kam

Pacific Mini Mart

Cholo's Homestyle Mexican

Molly's Smokehouse - Texas Style Barbecue

Rae Gee's Food Column in Hawaiian Hard Drive (back to 2001, since it's only monthly)

Dec 2003: Don't Be Intimidated By the Prices For Quality Japanese Cuisine At Wasabi Bistro

Nov 2003: Diamond in the Rough - Ka Ikena Restaurant

Oct 2003: Grab A Quick Bite: Order Ramen At Yusura Japanese Restaurant

Sep 2003: The Hidden Oasis In Kaimuki: "Niniku-Ya" The Garlic Restaurant

Aug 2003: Swing Back Into The 1980s: With Clients at The Bistro

Jul 2003: Baci Bistro

Jun 2003: Local Favorite Place

May 2003: A Little Hidden Treasure: For Fine & Unique Vietnamese Cuisine

Apr 2003: Create A Sizzling Business Lunch: With Cafe Sistina Northern Italian Cuisine

Mar 2003: Thai One On For A Healthy Business Lunch

Feb 2003: Las Palmas

Jan 2003: Flu Season: What Foods Bring You Comfort?

Dec 2002: The Meritage Restaurant

Nov 2002: Change of Scenery

Oct 2002: A Great Place To Meet a Stranger

Sep 2002: A Unique, Mom and Pop Type Restaurant: Irifune

Aug 2002: Go Back in Time: Eddie's Burgers and Frozen Custard

Jun 2002: Feel At Home With an "Old Hawaii" Atmosphere: At Lucy's Bar & Grill in Kailua

May 2002: Family Style Aged Beef "Steak" and Seafood: At the Hyatt Waikiki's "The Colony"

Apr 2002: Gaucho Grill at Ward Entertainment Centre

Mar 2002: A Rarity: Northern Chinese Lunch at The Mandarin Restaurant

Feb 2002: Take a Break from Business: Take the Family to Buca di Beppo to Experience Southern Italian Home Style Cooking "Chinese Style" Dining

Jan 2002: Special Occasion Dining: Seafood at Hoku's at the Kahala Mandarin Oriental

Dec 2001: Business Brunch at the Prince Court Restaurant

Nov 2001: The Best Pastrami Sandwiches in Hawaii Can Be Found At the Strawberry Connection In Iwilei

Oct 2001: Niu Valley's Le Bistro

Sep 2001: My California Eateries On the West Coast

Aug 2001:An Ideal Place For Waterfront Business Gatherings: Ferno Italian Restaurant At Restaurant Row

Jul 2001:Have Lunch at Blue Tropix Nightclub

Jun 2001:Simple Pleasures: Café Monsarrat near Diamond Head

Apr 2001:For a High Power Business Lunch: Impress Your Clients at Mariposa in Ala Moana's Neiman-Marcus

Last but not least,

Matthew Gray's Column in the Honolulu Advertiser

December 12: '19th hole' menu goes the distance in variety

December 5: Follow your mood to Eastside or Chiyo's

November 28: Korean eatery Sis Kitchen is a gem in Kaimuki

November 21: Romantic setting awaits Islanders

November 14: At the elegant Veranda, the curry is to dine for

November 7: A tasty Chinese take on the cuisine of Japan

October 31: Happy's food tasty, but dim sum disappoints

October 24: Youme.n melds Japanese cuisine, splashy décor

October 17: Chief's Hut offers tranquility, tropical tastes

October 10: Elegance and martinis at 21 Degrees North

October 3: Coffee shop mixes Puerto Rican, local cuisine

September 26: Japanese-style bar Nonbei serves a tasty menu

September 19: Mexican restaurant's fare rated lukewarm

September 5: With its variety, Grilla's will please any primate

August 29: The Bistro's decadent dishes pamper diners

August 22: Revamped Canoes menu falls short of expectations

August 15: Mixed marks on White Elephant's offerings

August 1: Satisfy world of cravings at 99 Ranch food court

July 25: Favored phô, other tastes delight at new eatery

July 18: Deli lovers delight in the classic flavors of CJ's

July 11: Mandarin takes fresh approach with bold flavor

July 4: Lunch wagon's menu offers pleasant surprises

June 27: C & C Pasta's 'home-style' fare is sure to please

June 20: Hide-Chan entices with soups, fried meats

June 13: Local favorite goes beyond Italian standbys

June 6: Savor spices, prices at Bali, Zaffron buffets

May 30: Harbour View's dim-sum service loads of fun

May 23: Pho Pacific aims to please with unusual menu

May 16: Let Sushi Masa take your taste buds on a journey

May 9: La Mariana experience rises above so-so menu

May 2: Two delicious local spots won't empty a wallet

April 25: Indian food the way their mom always made it

April 18: Jaron's food doesn't live up to menu's billing

April 11: Buona Sera offers delicious Italian specialties

April 4: Volcano Joe's, Hukilau Cafe fill a tasty niche

March 28: Ledo makes basic noodle soup taste extravagant

March 21: Say a mantra, enjoy Indian aromas at temple

March 14: Moutarde Cafe a worthy Kaimuki newcomer

March 7: 3 spots prove good food need not be expensive

February 28: Waioli Tea Room dips into fondue variations

February 21: Hoku's new chef serves up culinary creativity

February 14: Favorite spots will satisfy that sweet tooth

February 7: Mouth-watering Asian flavors at three eateries

January 31: Sample menu, grill it yourself at Gyu-Kaku

January 24: Healthy food meets casual style in Paradise

January 17: Come for beer, stay for food at Gordon Biersch

January 10: Tatsu succeeds with minimalist decor, menu

January 3: Where seafood stars and the view is to die for

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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O.K., a lot less typing and fiddling with scripts this week,


All-star chefs to prepare food for benefit, by Betty Shimabukuro

Nobu Matsuhisa, Tetsuya Wakuda, and Hawaii's Roy Yamaguchi get together for a memorial benefit.

Local contest winners recall simple snacks made with love, by Betty Shimabukuro

Recipes made with saloon pilot crackers

HAWAII'S KITCHEN: Sushi Go's Miso-Chile Salmon, prepared by Jon Miyabuchi and Chef Patrick Turner of Sushi Go


Hale'iwa Kua 'Aina moving to larger digs, by Andrew Gomes

Original moves around 150 yards down Kam Hwy

Chicken for the soul of soup, by Wanda A. Adams

Chicken soup from around the world

QUICK BITES: Festival offers parade of ethnic cuisines, by Wanda A. Adams

Japanese Cultural Center's New Year's Ohana Festival

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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My New Year's Resolution for this thread is to be more selective in picking articles that have a unique local focus, and in providing more commentary / annotation - for my own good if not anyone else's! Here goes:

Good luck duek: Celebrate the seasons through the colors and flavors of Korean mochi, by Betty Shimabukuro

Focus on KoHyang DuekJip, one of the two big Korean ricecake producers on Oahu. Describes how tteok / deuk / duek, the speciality famous for its many different romanized spellings, is made, and some of the major varieties such as injeormi, tteokbokki tteok, baram tteok, etc.

Stuffs: Skinny TV chefs

Chai Chaowasaree of Chai's Island Bistro and Singha Thai and Beth-Ann Nishijima of Nori's Saimin have started their own local cooking show, "Two Skinny Chefs". Chai is one of the big movers in the East-West fusion scene here, even though he was nearly deported a few years ago for visa problems. Don't know about title, however, coming on the tails of recent death of one of the "Two Fat Ladies", it seems a bit morbid.

Key Ingredient: Dried lily buds, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga

Latest installment in a useful and underappreciated weekly column on (mostly) Asian food ingredients. Did you know that lily buds are included in the essential New Year's "Jai" dish because they represent wealth?

The secret to making toong mai is in the proper puffing of the rice, by Betty Shimabukuro

One of my favorite food articles for a long time. Unveils the mystery of "toong mai" - a puffed rice sweet that is found all over the islands but no one seems to know how to make. Turns out "toong mai" is not a name known in China, but the corruption of a Hakka or Mandarin term. Also, most recipes call for heating coarse sand until it's red hot or using an industrial pressure gun - but somehow Betty finds a way to make it at home.

Key Ingredient: Black fungus, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga

Did you know it grows on "rotting oak, mulberry, elm and willow trees"? Called ha mok yi in Mandarin and kikurage in Japanese (mok i in Korean).

QUICK BITES: Island chefs, eateries win notice in print, by Wanda A. Adams

This is what "notice in print means": D.K. Kodama in Taste of the NFL Restaurant Guide 2004, Sam Choy in the January/February edition of Safeway Select magazine. Wow what exposure. Though the Select article is about plate lunch, so I'm going to pick it up.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Maui's Roselani ice cream in stores statewide, by Wanda A. Adams

Four flavors: Haupia, Macadamia Nut, Kona Mud Pie, and Mango 'n Cream.

QUICK BITES: 'Two Skinny Chefs' take to small screen, by Wanda A. Adams

More about Chai and Beth-Ann.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Some "select" local items from the last couple weeks in the media:

By Request: Chinese pretzels can be savory or sweet, by Betty Shimabukuro

Recipes for the fried kind, including a savory one with shrimp

By Request: Teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy bites, by Betty Shimabukuro

A new local mini-bakery, Sugar Rush by Frances, specializes in mini-pastries. Here's her url.

‘Iron Chef’ Sakai’s first U.S. café may be on Oahu, by Betty Shimabukuro

"French" Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai made a hole-in-one at Waialae Country Club, and was so happy that he announced that the first of his Chef Sakai cafes would open in Honolulu. He's also working with Royal Kona to put his moniker on one of their lines of pure Kona coffee.

QUICK BITES: Roy's will celebrate its 15th anniversary

Nobu and others will come to organize a benefit for the Tom and Warren Matsuda Culinary Scholarship Fund.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Got a Perfect Breakfast Spot? Let the rest of us know, by Wanda A. Adams

Email her at wadams@honoluluadvertiser.com!

Some of Nadine Kam's recent restaurant reviews:

Kua 'Aina's changed sites, but not its reason for being

Sunday, February 1, 2004

There's perception and reality, and though you'd think it would be easy to distinguish between the two, it's just not the case. Get 30 people together . . .

Mealtime is rush hour at Jackie Chan's Jackie's Kitchen

Sunday, January 25, 2004

At a YWCA benefit auction held late last year, Rhoderika Miranda, somewhat of a newcomer to the islands -- I don't care if it has been four years; if . . .

Shabu Shabu House ready for any weather

Sunday, January 18, 2004

THE weather has been very, very bad to home owners across the state, but for newly opened Shabu Shabu House it's been very, very good indeed, as hundreds . . .

Panya Bistro lures 'beautiful people' with food, style

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Now that Dr. Atkins mania has taken hold and many are well on their way to banishing carbohydrates from their lives, I have new evidence that indicates . . .

Mind the portions and pounds take care of themselves

Sunday, January 4, 2004

New years always begin with good intentions, and no doubt many have resolved to make 2004 better than last, with new plans to get fit, which starts with . .

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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By Request: Big isle pastry chef crafted her own journey of discovery, by Betty Shimabukuro

The amazing story of Evangelina Talaro, who started off as a housekeeper at the Ritz-Carlton Mauna Lani and is now the executive pastry chef at the Waikaloa Beach Marriott.

Paintings survive restaurant fire: John Young’s art has been a Maple Garden mainstay for years, by Mary Adamski

A kitchen fire hit one of Honolulu's most popular Chinese restaurants - but its prized "100-horse" paintings escaped damage. . .

Cookie leaves judges spellbound, by Betty Shimabukuro

Kaka`ako Kitchen's Valentine's Day "Cookies with a Heart" Contest.

Kona Coffee has rich heritage

"The Kona Coffee Story: Along the Hawai'i Belt Road," opening Saturday at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai`i.

QUICK BITES. by Wanda A. Adams

Historic Japanese Bakery Kimuraya opens up a branch in Kahala Mall

Want two scoops of greens with that lunch? By Matt Sedensky, Associated Press

Low-carb diets are transforming the traditional Hawai`i plate lunch - but it's tough to give up rice. Vegetables, anyone?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Readers praise their favorite breakfast spots, by Wanda A. Adams

Sav-Mor Coffee Shop, Jack's, Cinnamons, Brent's, New Eagle Cafe, Dixie Grill. Sizzler's???

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Foodies can tap into Egullet, By Burt Lum

Strange person to write a story about. . .

Party with a purpose: A star-studded night of dining memorializes the loss of a father and son, by Betty Shimabukuro

Roy's Restaurant 15th anniversary benefit for a scholarship fund at KCC.

Waianae project teaches youths the value of farming, by Betty Shimabukuro

Aloha Aina Cafe is part of Mala 'Ai 'Opio, a youth internship program Wai`anae.

By Request: Going bananas over popular bread, muffins, by Betty Shimabukuro

Kaka`ako Kitchen's Banana-Poi Muffin Recipe

QUICK BITES, by Zenaida Serrano Espanol

"A Passage to Paradise: Holomua i ke Kai", benefit for ASSETS school. Keoki's Paradise in Good Housekeeeping. "The Kona Coffee Story: Along the Hawai'i Belt Road," an exhibit running through April 24 at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i.

QUICK BITES, by Zenaida Serrano Espanol

D.K. Kodama debuts on the Today Show. It's a Beautiful Day Cafe offers drive-thru coffee. Kona Brewing starts distribution on the mainland.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Spam gets Competition, by Jaymes Song (AP)

The battle between Tulip and Spam commences. Please check out the Hawaii SpamBlog thread for more info.

Stew for all: A Scout leader puts his experience cooking for a crowd to good use, by Betty Shimabukuro

Scout Leader Herb Yasukochi gives his recipe for local-style "scout stew" featuring beef chuck, short ribs, and Portuguese sausage, seasoned with ginger, soy sauce and tomatoes. Also tips on how to bloat spaghetti noodles and carbo-load hamburgers.

By Request: Soy beans give dishes healthy, bit of green, by Betty Shimabukuro

Recipies for edamame.

New food options at UH pleasing, profitable, by Beverly Creamer

A subject dear to my heart - new "Ono Pono" lunchwagon in the "Sustainability Courtyard", and other new initiatives.

QUICK BITES, by Wanda A. Adams

Todd English guests at Sam Choy's annual benefit for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

2 isle chefs nominated for culinary honor, by Betty Shimabukuro

Beverly Gannon and Peter Merriman are both nominated for James Beard Awards best chef, Northwest/Hawaii.

Chef honors his 'brother' at mentoring fund-raiser, by Zenaida Serrano Espanol

Todd English talks about his participation in Sam Choy's fundraiser for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and about his own "Big Brother", Bruce Cross.

Taro production hits record low, by Vicki Viotti

Flooding, apple snail, and taro pocket rot to blame. Production has dropped in the long run from 14.1 million pounds in 1948 to 5 million last year.

Liliha grocery stocks Jewish-style food, by Wanda A. Adams

Thanks to Mazal's Kosherland (yes!), kosher foods of all kinds are finally available to the local public, with a particular emphasis on Israeli products.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Corned beef dishes that are uniquely 'ours', by Wanda A. Adams

Ms. Adams writes a very nice column about how Hawai`i locals have adopted canned corned beef and cabbage into our cuisine in ways that would shock the St. Paddy's day crowd.

QUICK BITES, by Wanda A. Adams

D. K. Kodama's Sansei empire opens its fifth outpost in the location of the former Third Floor at the Waikiki Beach Marriott.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Shoreline fish take on a starring role, by Wanda A. Adams

More on Elmer Guzman's pioneering book about local fishes and how to prepare them

Slain restaurant owner well-liked, by Timothy Hurley

Yukichi Ito of Hama Yu in Waikaloa on the Big Island was murdered by one of his employees.

Celebrate Festa

Enjoy the Portuguese-style celebration of Shrove Tuesday a bit early today at McCoy Pavillion

SATURDAY SCOOPS: Pupu with a Portuguese kick, by Wanda A. Adams

A recipe for vinha d'ahlos in commemoration of the Festa

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Tenants gobble up Wal-Mart leases, by Dan Martin

Golden Coin Bake Shop and Restaurant, Hanazen, Coldstone Creamery, Starbucks, Jamba Juice and Supercuts will front Ke`e`aumoku. L&L branch inside the store.

E&O restaurant coming to Hawai'i, by Andrew Gomes

Southeast Asian-themed restaurant group led by Chris Hemmeter, Jr. plants it roots in the Hemmeter family's hometown.


Picture of a hulking suckling pig from this year's rituals.

LIGHT AND LOCAL: Mother's Hawaiian stew still 'ono without meat, some fat, by Carol Devenot

Kickoff of a new regular column focusing on healthy, light local foods (not an oxymoron?). First offering, local-style stew made with seitan (wheat gluten) instead of meat.

Chocolate hoppiness: Individualize your Easter treats with simple candy-making techniques, by Nancy Arcayna

Go to Lyon Arboretum this Saturday to learn how.

Stuffs: Tuna to the Foodbank

The Hawaii Foodbank is replacing last year's "Wall of Spam" with a "Sea of Tuna" at Restaurant Row through April 24. Canned good donations, that is. Hey! What gives!

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Pineapple Room: dishwasher shuns labels, dreams of opening restaurant

Emerick Akamine got Alan Wong job via Lanakila Rehabilitation Center

QUICK BITES: L'Uraku unveils new tasting menu, by Wanda A. Adams

The tasting menu includes agedashi of fresh mozzarella (deep-fried with grated daikon and ginger, ume puree and mirin soy broth) and a foie gras "sandwich" with roasted portabello mushrooms and truffled local microgreens. Choices for the main course include pan-seared ocean-raised moi with homemade pickled red cabbage in kabayaki butter sauce. Dessert choices include frozen yuzu mousse (yuzu is a tangy, tangerine-like Asian citrus) with raspberry "soup" and shiratami mochi balls or Hawaiian vanilla bean panna cotta with mango sorbet.

Such a deal; all for $38 (or $52 with paired wines).

Mr. Zip: The Higa brothers, founders of Zippy's, win a place in the hall of fame, by Betty Shimabukuro

The Hawai`i Culinary Hall of Fame, that is. Induction will be at the "Taste of the Stars" benefit on April 30. Here's the Zippy's website.

Homemade Crunch: Mix, roll, fry, glaze and bake to turn out your own arare, by Betty Shimabukuro

Why would you want to do this? Because you can!

Spam musubi for everyone!

Spamjam. World's largest spam musubi - 325 feet - this Friday!

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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This little piggy went upscale: Creative chefs bring kalua pig into the world of haute cuisine, by Joan Namkoong

Nice article by Joan (wonder what she has been working on recently?) about the upscale uses of imu-roasted pulled pork. Of course, we hear about Alan Wong's "da Bag", but also some more, say, unlikely conconctions such as Randal Ishizu's Kalua Oysters Rockefeller with lomi-tomato hollandaise.

Waikiki banquet hall serves last meal

House of Hong, around for 40 years, succumbs to the decline in demand for large-scale multi-course Cantonese-style banquets.

Del Monte bulldozes pineapple memories

The pineapple variety triangle garden at Poamoho Camp was once a major attraction for tourist and commuters. It's now being destroyed for redevelopment, and the ex-pine workers who have lived at Poamoho for generations are being told to pack their bags as well. . .

Whatever happened to Hari?, by Betty Shimabukuro

Hari Kojima is inducted into the Hawai`i Culinary Hall of Fame. Since he left "Let's Go Fishing", he's been in private business, but jokes about running for public office!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Not the usual Chinese fare at Pah Ke's, by Wanda A. Adams

Wanda writes about a special lunch she had at Raymond Siu's often underappreciated place out on the windward side.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Mavro believes meditation beats marination

The latest "fitness profile" of a local celeb chef. Worth it for the picture of Mavro standing on his head.

Sam Choy’s Koloko wins Beard award

But not the one you would expect. See this thread for more info.

Host chef of Uncorked started as dishwasher, by Wanda Adams

After immigrating as a refugee from Laos in 1971, Khamtan Tanhchaleun had to work his way through virtual every level from the bottom to the top before reaching his current position as executive chef for Ko'olau Catering Partners and host chef for this year's Hawai`i Public Radio benefit.

Spain reigns: An isle fiesta celebrates the region's cuisine, by Betty Shimabukuro

More about this year's HPR fundraiser, called "Rapsodie Espagnole".

By Request: Dynamite dish explodes with flavorful fish, by Betty Shimabukuro

A recipe for the fusion sushi counter favorite.

Key Ingredient: Durian, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga

A disquisition on the "King of (smelly) Fruits"

Demand makes poi shortage possible, by Craig Gima

Graduation parties and baby luaus this time of the year make shortages an annual event. Last year was especially tight, but this year shows some improvement.

QUICK BITES: Maui restaurant on Hot Tables list

D.K. Kodama and Chuck Furuya's Italian restaurant in Kapalua, Maui, called Vino, is the only Hawai'i restaurant on Conde Nast Traveler magazine's annual list of Hot Tables — new restaurants whose design, service, sense of place and food transcend industry standards.

I'm not sure quite how unhappy we should be about this. . .

By Request: Tofu cookie leaves trail of crumbs online, by Betty Shimabukuro

Apparently the Castle Medical Center cafeteria serves a tofu-walnut bar, but

isn't willing to give the recipe away. . .

Key Ingredient: Palm seed, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga

That's the shiny chewy thing that goes into Halo-Halo and other kinds of shaved ice.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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The tastiest five years of my life` by Matthew Gray

Matthew Gray signs off as the Advertiser's restaurant critic. He's probably the best the Advertiser has had, though considering the fact that before him (my info may not be good since I just returned home to live a couple years ago) "reviews" were limited to PR blurbs in the Sunday "Dining Out" section, that's too faint praise. He's been very good at finding the less well-known, out of the way, inexpensive ethnic places, and reviewing them in a detailed, descriptive, non-condescending way. He plans to start his own company to latch onto the burgeoning local food tour business.

Chili Glory, by Betty Shimabukuro

Hawai`i only ICS-sanctioned Chili Contest uses the F.A.R.T.S. system of judging. . .

June's a Great Month for Dining Marathons

Taste of Honolulu on Oahu, Dolphin Days on the Big Islands.

Key Ingredient: Portuguese sausage, by Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga

Note: Spaced out and put this post in the "Guide" thread for a while. Now it's back in the right place!

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Do-It-Yourself Ginger Ale, by Betty Shimabukuro

QUICK BITES: Asian flavor fest today, by Wanda A. Adams

Two articles on Garlic & Ginger Festival of Hawaii at Ward Center Parking lot today. Here is the Festival Website.

Stuffs: A Maui celebration

Kapalua Wine & Food Festival, July 8 to 11, is "virtually sold out, but seats at the various wine seminars and cooking demonstrations may open up as the event approaches."

7 from soy, by Wanda A. Adams

Different kinds of soy products making it into our kitchens, and how to use them.

One 'Nother Note: Changed the name of this thread from "Honolulu Dining" to "Hawai`i Eating News" to better reflect the broader content. . .

Eating. . . nothing more than eating. . .

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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Beard House behind the Scenes, by Joan Namkoong

A report of Chef Mavro's dinner for the Beard House

By Request: Dad gets wish for Okinawan pork specialty, by Betty Shimabukuro


Farmers' market to open earlier

KCC Farmer's Market summer hours: 7:30-11:30. Special events planned

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Long-lost recipes resurface, by Wanda A. Adams

Palama by the Sea Foam Cookies, Pottery Steak House Hen Sauce. . .

Holoholo: Building the Royal Brewery took fine masonry skill, By Burl Burlingame

America is a nation that takes beer seriously. So it's probably not a coincidence that in 1898, the same year Hawaii was annexed by the United States, the Honolulu Brewing and Malting Company was established in Honolulu. All they needed was a professional place to make suds.

All Kosher, All the time, by Betty Shimabukuro

Mazal's Kosherland, the first local kosher grocery

By Request: Bad weekend to start a diet, by Betty Shimabukuro

Taste of Honolulu coming up. . .

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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