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interesting meat


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what meat do you think makes for the most interesting eating, with regards to both texture and flavor?

Please answer both for what's available in the US, and whatever exotic meats you may have had elsewhere, if you can.

Herb aka "herbacidal"

Tom is not my friend.

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To me, the most interesting eating comes from the very best meat. And,

as with all food, it comes down to personal preference.

I'm a beef lover and I like a meaty texture and a very beefy flavor.

That leads me to a strip steak ... the classic steakhouse cut is my

favorite. Porterhouse is also a favorite because it combines the filet

and strip in one steak ... two different steaks, two different textures

and two different tastes. It's a wonder to me that, from an anatomical

standpoint, meat that is separated only by a narrow bone could have such

distinctive characteristics.

I'm not much for exotic game or esoteric meat. But I do have an interest

in meat from specific breeds or from different origins to and deliver a

unique taste experiences. And, that is very much a reflection of what

we've decided to sell from www.lobels.com. Such products as Wagyu beef

from the U. S. and Australia, kurobuta pork from pure-bred Berkshire

pigs, free-range Australian lamb, really capture my taste buds.


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