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Mongolia. Seriously.

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There are big plans to introduce large amounts of cattle to the Mongolian grasslands (well at least to the bit that it is part of China), so you cow-free shots may become a rarity in the next twenty years or so.

The Sheep's stomach looks like a inside out rumen form a fairly young animal. Did you notice if they used one of the other (four) types of sheep stomach to store different types of dairy produce? Rennet is produced in the true-stomach of young animals and it would be interesting to know if they make their cheese by storing milk in this stomach.

I don't know what Inner Mongolia looks like but if it looks anything like Mongolia (Outer Mongolia to the Chinese) we can expect to see the expansion of the Gobi Desert into China. As it is, about 15 miles from Beijing there actually is a desert and apparently (according to Lonely Planet Beijing) winds are blowing the sands towards the capital at a rate of just over one mile per year. While Inner Mongolia is not exactly right next door, I fear that grazing cows on grasslands like those in Mongolia would be bad news. But enough about that.

Regarding the cheese-making—I promise that there will be more details on that shortly but for the moment I can tell you that no, they don’t make cheese by storing it in stomachs of any kind (eating it doesn’t count, right?).

Ellen Shapiro


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Fascinating report, Ellen, thanks.

Count me among the "You're going where?" crowd when I heard where you were taking off to. I know Steven missed you, we did too.

Other comments/questions:

  • So how did you get out of that river in which you were stuck?
    What are those ice cube shaped things that look like they are topped with yogurt?
    That picture of the goats tied up for milking looks eerie. Did they seem resigned to it as part of the milking process and come when called or did they have to be chased down to be strung together for milking?

More captions next time, please. :wub:

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Fascinating article.

Regarding the jeep getting stuck in the lake - how did you guys get out of there?

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Wow, this only embodies my dream of what I want to do when I grow a little older. Too bad though, probably in a generation all of the natural landscapes and traditions will be replaced by westernization.

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What a fascinating report! My first cousin is currently working as an English teacher in Hothot, Inner Mongolia, China nad I always pester her with foodie questions and pics. She never answers. Your report makes up a whole lot with my curiosity in that area.

Doddie aka Domestic Goddess

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I just had my memory jogged about this series of posts from Ellen.  It is seriously too bad that the image links no longer work.  However, I thought some of our newer members still might enjoy reading these, and some of the long time members might enjoy the nostalgia.

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