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Fat-Guy World Tour '02 is shaping up

Fat Guy

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Steven, mamster mentioned that you were stopping in Seattle and that you would be interested in a picknic of sorts. I'd be happy to fire up the smoker for you.  My backyard's decently large and fenced so Momo shouldn't have a  problem. Although one of the cats may get snippy but they'll shy away for the most part.

I can smoke up one of my specialties and I can take a couple of requests too.  I've smoked most cuts of pork (three cheers for back ribs!), beef roasts and brisket, seafood, cheese, chicken, turkey, duck, goat, venison, and even rabbit.  

Although I have yet to try smoking a mullet.  I suppose I should go watch Fried Green Tomatoes again, as I recall, they smoked up a proponent of domestic violence with positive results.  Maybe he had a mullet?

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No mention in the discussion so far, before the cross-continent road trip starts early this morning, is if Ellen has pre-sell any articles by this time, about any parts of this upcoming trip. It would be fun, to also read her perpective(concerning food or relating to travel).



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Col Klink: That sounds fabulous. Why don't you coordinate with the learned Mamster and we'll all get together and party in a few weeks. Have you ever smoked beef short ribs? Yum.

SteveW: The last time we did this, Ellen kept a Weblog that focused mostly on the personal aspects of the trip, but she made it available only to friends and family, whereas I wrote the for-public-consumption version. We haven't decided how we're going to handle it this time around, but two hours from now we'll have a 13-hour drive to sort it all out. It has been insane around the Shaw/Shapiro household these past few days, with Ellen finishing her latest book just yesterday. So, we'll figure it all out once we get moving.

In terms of pre-selling, the answer at this time is no for both of us. Ellen is doing less and less freelance journalism as she focuses more on books -- she's just finished her fourth and she's going to be doing second-editions of two of her earlier books when we get back this summer. There are two book projects under discussion with two different publishers that might arise out of this trip, but then again it's possible that nothing will come of it. As for me, it's the usual situation: I've got a number of irons in the fire (four of which are almost certain to ignite) but no actual paying assignments yet. But I haven't been in heavy selling mode thus far -- a situation I hope to remedy in the coming weeks.

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Have you ever smoked beef short ribs? Yum.

Great!  I haven't done short ribs before and am glad to try them out.  I'll even do a trial run before you arrive.  They'll certainly be on the menu.

I'm sure I speak for everyone in the PacNW forum that we can't wait to meet the three of you.

To help the trip get started:

99 bottles of beer on the wall,

99 bottles of beer!

take one down,

pass it around

98 bottles of beer on the wall!

[edit disclosure:  I didn't answer the question.]

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