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Son of St John

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Actually, it is all England's fault, because you don't need to go through it to get to somewhere else.  Have I got that right?   :biggrin:

No Wilfrid you do not have that right.

Now I'm going to say this again only once, so please pay attention.

The food in England is more expensive because it's better

OK ? Got it now ? Right, then I'm off for some kidneys and peapods at St Johns.

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John -- Could you consider discussing what determinants there may be to amounts you are "happy" to pay? Is there a sum (e.g., in pounds) beyond which you would not under any circumstances pay outside of France, regardless of the pleasure derived?
I wouldn't even attempt it! I'd go nuts!

John Whiting, London

Whitings Writings

Top Google/MSN hit for Paris Bistros

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Simon -- How was the head portion of the pig presented (including particularly the snout, cheeks and ears)? Also, what vegetables/fruit/starches/sides accompanied the suckling pig, if you recollect? :wink:

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Ended up at St J's last night with Sam & Scott, Miss J and Partner ( surprisingly, far too good for the likes of her!) and the Johnsons ( Egullet's answerto The Osbournes ) and old billy no mates (ME!)

After a couple of pints at the Wenlock we met up at Match for a few which we had to bolt down in our rush to get to the restaurant.

The table was booked for 8pm and when we got there, the bar was packed but the restaurant was quite empty ( it filled up considerably by the time we left.

I actually can't remember all the starters, but Yvonne and I split a main course special of Pig Snout. These were your actual snout on a plate with broad beans in a parsley sauce. They were very fatty and unctuous and adored by me, less so by others.

We went a bit tame for the mains ( except Yvonne who had lambs tongue ) I had a perfectly nice, but ordinary Chicken, Chips and Aoli. The did have special of half a pigs head which I wish I could have persuaded someone to share with me. Ho Hum

We had a family style selection of puddings which had to include eccles cakes or Miss J threatened to cry.

Three bottles of Aligote ( £20 per bottle ) and two of Pic St Loup ( £22 )

complimented well.

Bill for 7 inc after dinner drinks came to c£50 per head

Had heard some downhill reports, but still seemed pretty good to me.


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What a fine night. I think St J is superb. But to start, The Wenlock is just as Simon has described it, a local pub with a mix of people that accepts even those who've fallen throuugh the care-in-the-community net. That's the place for me. Excellent cider on tap.

The martinis at Match were very good and beat the cocktails I'd had earlier in the week. I had the warmest, smallest dry martini I've ever had at le Manoir aux Quat' Saison--more later.

Back to St J. I enjoyed the pig's snout, though the portion was large. Simon, we also ordered some tender spleen for the table, which was rolled up (with some veg and cream cheese?) and sliced.

My main course, tongue, had a nice slightly chewy density and the green beans with it had a hint of mint. Ozzy went for the kidneys--reportedly good.

The puddings were fantastic. Ginger sticky pudding, eccles cake with cheese, a chocolate tart (I think) and rum and raison ice cream--by this time things are beginning to fade. For 3 courses, wine & brandies, I thought the dinner was very fairly priced.

I like the sparse look of the place, the service was good, and the waiter had very fine teeth. Is that a first?

Simon, thanks for arranging, and it was a pleasure to meet for the first time Sam & Scott F, and Miss J & partner.

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it was a pleasure to meet for the first time Sam & Scott F, and Miss J & partner.

The feelings mutual Yvonne :smile:

I didn't think I'd enjoy the spleen but thought it very tasty, and I can see why the Bone marrow gets such raves. But for me, (and I think I'm agreeing with Macrosan here from another thread), the highlight was the chips with the chicken. Sensational.

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