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Winnipeg Restaurants


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Actually, vinegar is fine for pickles, salad dressing, and works well in the water to keep boiled eggs from cracking-but on fries? No. Never.

[ .... ]

It was a great trip and I look forward to another visit. You Prairie Dwellers need to stop underselling the place. It's a pretty cool looking downtown and in the summer, and extremely interesting place to wander around in. In the Winter-you couldn't get me there with a free ticket and all of the Polar Fleece in Canada. BRRRRRR. To cold for my thin blood. :laugh:

Oh yeah, there is lots and lots of street cart food and Mr Chippie Van type operations. Someone should take some time and analyze these. I had an excellent smokie from a cart on the corner of Portage and Edmonton on Thursday p.m. Good bun steamed and a decent large sausage to go with it. Very Tasty. Are all Canadian cities filled with these food carts?

After all of the warnings about the crime epidemic in Downtown Winnipeg I suppose that I am lucky that I made it out with my skin. :laugh:

First of all, white vinegar is the only way to eat a fry.

Second, yes, Winnipeg IS great - and I'm glad you and family had a great time.

As for the crime..... well... let's just say that we do have the #1 murder rate for Canada... Couldn't make us prouder! Actually... you would know about our crime better than any of us, because none of us walk.... I don't know if you noticed, you and your sons were the only ones walking anywhere!

So... I think you said you're coming back yes? If you plan things right - you can make it for Taste of Manitoba - where a bunch of restaurants set up in front of the legislature (not capitol!) and you can sample a bunch of stuff.

I have a few more places to suggest for you (sorry I wasn't around last year!). Let me know if you are coming and I'd be happy to share - I also grew up going to Kenora for summers... so I have a couple of ideas there too.

Keep telling people how wonderful our city is! Some of us know it and will tell others, but some of us (ie: the eGulleters who 'warned' you last year) need an outsider to remind them of how lucky we are :wink:

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I wish I had seen this thread a bit earlier....I would have put my 2 cents in..lol...oh well...if anyone is on their way here now...pm me, and I'll sugest a few good eats that wern't mentioned..ex VJ's on main..big sloppy burgers....best we got next to Mr.Mikes!

And so on.....take care all.....

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..ex VJ's on main..big sloppy burgers....best we got next to Mr.Mikes!

Interesting. Everybody always says VJ's. While I'm not saying that they are bad - because they are not - I'm sure that there are better. I'm taking this on as a research project and am going to find the great burgers of Winnipeg.

What is Mr. Mikes? :unsure:

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