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I am an MC fan girl so interesting. I am more used to the sandy version. Hope others will try amd report back. 

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On 4/1/2019 at 4:01 AM, kriirk said:

My first post! I would like to contribute to this already amazing topic.

NYT's Melissa Clark's 'Fudgy' Shortbread

150g sugar
225g salted butter
250g flour

'Metric' version:
1.8dl (167g) sugar
250g (3dl) salted butter
5dl (278g) flour

This is how I make these;

With hand mixer, work sugar and room temperature butter until fluffy. Pour in all the flour, and 'fold' it in until just absorbed, then stop. I actually find a chop stick perfect for this. Spread in a pan and bake in center of oven 40-60min @ 140°C / 280°F. Let cool just a little, and cut into 'fingers'. I like to make the fingers small, due to how satiating this version is.

-Please note that the dough will look like there is too much butter, especially while in the oven. But they will still turn out amazing. They are everyone's new favorite, since I started making them a year ago.

-Please also note that low flour content means non-suitable for making 'rounds' - use for fingers and petticoat tails only.


Welcome @kriirk - looking forward to giving this a try. Any suggestions on how big a pan would be appropriate?

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Posted (edited)
On 4/2/2019 at 4:24 PM, Kerry Beal said:

Welcome @kriirk - looking forward to giving this a try. Any suggestions on how big a pan would be appropriate?


Thank you, Kerry! I feel my best result so far was using double portion size in a square 23cm (9inch?) dish. I must warn they were almost an inch thick, but having a bit more to chew into was so nice with the soft texture. Hmm I must also add a note that I prefer these served cold from the fridge. Makes the taste less buttery and more wholesome. I will try again to find the original post from a year ago and link that as well.


Update - for some reason I found the original article easily today, unlike some days ago. It is now linked in the recipe. I also added some info about pan size in there. I might make them this weekend and add pictures.

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Interested to see recipes with cornflour, here on the isle of Skye its always been added Semolina or ground rice.


115g butter, whip it till fluffy, beat in 55g of Caster sugar with a pinch of salt. Sift in 130g Plain flour and about 40g ground rice, fold all together. When making the biscuits don't roll out you will compress it too much, use your hands to pat down biscuit size rounds. Oven at 150C, cook depending on the shape you've used, if making fingers or a square will take longer. Always prick your dough, chill in fridge then in the oven till cooked but now brown, sprinkle caster sugar while still warm.

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