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Hi there all,

I'm gonna be in Gothenburg this weekend :biggrin: and would like to try out someplace new to eat. Does anybody have any suggestions?

I have tried both the modern Swedish Smarka and Popcorn restaurants and had good meals in both.

Ideas on a postcard.

Cheers, PK

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I dont have any personal experience, but the most recent edition of Food and Travel (U.K.) has an article on restaurants Gothenburg. In case you are not in the UK, the following are mentioned:

28+: French, famous for its cheese collection.

Amanda Boman: tiny, lunch-only in the city's food hall.

Feskekorkan (translated as the "fish church:), a huge indoor fish market. Restaurant Gabriel in the Feskekorkan is recommended, particularly for fried herring.

Fond Gotaplatsen: Michelin-starred, using local seasonal produce to "prepare traditional Swedish concepts heightened by international flavours"

Linnea's: recommended for fish dishes, game dishes and the cheese board

Mauritz: cafe, with the best espresso in town.

Smaka: late-night noisy eating spot, particularly known for Swedish meatfballs.

Sorry about the lack of first-hand experience, but maybe this helps. Let us know if you try any of these.

Rover: a bar with a phenomenal collection of whiskey and belgian beers.

Thomas Secor

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Fond is excellent t: 031-81-25-80. Lunchtime is especially good - you get all the benefits of being in a Michelin starred restaurant on your plate, without the pomp.

Try Herr Dahls too - opened in the last year. It is opposite the food market (which you must also go and see). t: 031-13-45-55. A very suited clientele, not the fastest service, but really great food.

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