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Summer time desserts?

Suvir Saran

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I posted the recipe for Gelo di Melone (watermelon pudding) in the "First experience with indian cooking" thread, it's Italian but its cinnamon/jasmine flavour makes it really suitable for an Indian summer meal, I think :smile:


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I posted the recipe for Gelo di Melone (watermelon pudding) in the "First experience with indian cooking" thread, it's Italian but its cinnamon/jasmine flavour makes it really suitable for an Indian summer meal, I think :smile:


I loved the recipe... I feel somewhat scared to try it... but I shall.

Any more ideas???? I would love to learn some more of your Italian favorites.. thanks for sharing that recipe.

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Tender coconuts, if you can get your hands on them, can be the source for good, light summer desserts I think. The sweet milky flesh is wonderful chilled and combines well with quite a few other things, I think. My grandmother makes a wonderful cold souffle from it.

She only topped that once when we were driving back home to Madras from Pondicherry and picked up a whole bunch of nungu palm fruits - what's called targola in Bombay. For those who don't know it, this is the fruit of a palm variety with short, spiky leaves that seems to grow where nothing else can.

The small round fruit has to be cut out the hard shells and has a thin brown skin so it looks a bit like a fresh baked breadroll. Peel the skin and you have a translucent, jelly like fruit with a wonderful, lightly sweet flavour. My grandmother combined that with coconut milk to make a truly heavenly souffle.


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In addition to the usual Kulfis and other Indian desserts, I am serving the following at the restaurant.

Double Ka Meetha , aka.. shahi tukda with fresh whipped cream.

Trio .. A serving of vanilla ice-cream, a scoop chocolate gelato, a scoop of passion fruit sorbet and fresh berries.

Lava .. A warm center chocolate with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a hot gulab jamun.

Any one interested in shahi tukda recipe, I will be happy to post it.

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Most Indian desserts tend to get too heavy, are milk based, kind of sweet and flavoured usually with cardamon, saffron or rose.

I shall be grateful if anyone would share with me simple desserts that are Indian or Indian inspired but a little light.

One easy dessert that comes to mind is an adaptation of Chai Creme Brule from Raji Cuisine.

Get one packet of Goya brand Flan.

prepare it using the simple directions on the packet but flvour it with a strong decoction of black tea, cardamon, cloves and cinnamon.

Just remember to reduce the volume of milk by the volume of chai decoction you use or it may not set.

Bombay Curry Company

3110 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22305. 703. 836-6363

Delhi Club

Arlington, Virginia

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Watermelon is VERY Indian.

I thought just in the past 2 days to make a Rajasthani Watermelon Curry.

Watermelon Sherbet, sorbet and simply chilled, almost frozen watermelon were staples in my families home in Delhi.

Where do you get watermelon ice cream? How is it made if you make it at home?

Would you mind sharing that recipe?

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A friend of mine who's well-known in the ice cream/sorbet world makes an amazing watermelon sorbet. The flavor profile and texture is the best I've had.

His ice creams are critically acclaimed across the US.

He'll be making the ice creams for my upcoming project.

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