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Foods that you can eat and eat


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I have a genetic weakness for the potato in all of it's many fried, baked, boiled, mashed, whipped, roasted, and sauteed forms.

Seriously, tatertots with all sorts of spices on them, Tim's Cascade Potato Chips, Terra Salt and Pepper chips, Walker's Ready Salted crisps, duchesse potatoes, I love em all.

Clam strips - I've been able to down huge quantities and not get sick of them.

Balsamic mushrooms and onions.

Vanilla Coke, Henry Weinahrd's Root Beer and Snapple Rspberry Iced Tea.

I'll crave something, go nuts on it and then not be able to eat it for weeks or years afterwardswithout getting a yucky feeling on the back on my tongue. Like when I was eating French's Fried Onions as snack food, or had a pack of almonds every week for a year. 8 years of cherry-flavoured Septra has ruined cherries for me, and I'm pretty picky about minestrone soup.

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Ripe magoes (but only in season .......out of season mangoes taste really sad somehow)

I can eat a mango anywhere anytime........cold, warm, cooked, fresh from a tree...............just like that! :smile:

pistachios (i give it the same defining status as mangoes have in my life)....i can eat 1 kg of pistachios at a go :biggrin:


dark chocolate

cherry and dark chocolate icecream

buttered toast and hot ginger tea

scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes, olives, capers, peppers, green chillis and olive oil

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Green beans. Cannot get enough of them. I like them steamed till slightly crunchy, with sweated onions and butter, and lots of fresh cracked pepper. I could live on this.

On second thought, I could live on that, as long as I had garlic mashed potatoes to go with, and ice cream for dessert. That would be a perfect life.

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Crunchy natural peanut butter

Pan bigio or other rustic bread with good evoo

Vanilla yogurt

Bittersweet chocolate

Perfect tomatoes

Fresh lemonade

and, of course...


"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."  -George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, Act 1


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For me this would have to apply to seasonal foods, as it is the very nature of "limited availability" that drives the obsession! Therefore:

Cold cracked Dungeness crab


Corn on the cob


English peas (only from the garden)


Perfect tomatoes (w/ buffalo mozz & fresh basil)


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Welcome AuntieEm. Yummy list indeed.

I look at it a little differently, though. What can I always get, whenever I want it?

Chicken. Roast first, then fried, stewed -- even skinless boneless breasts, in a pinch. :wink:

Eggs. They always taste good, however they are cooked.

Ah, but which should come first??? :laugh:

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scrambled eggs & toasted buttered bialys

roast chicken the way my mother or I make it

macaroni & cheese in any guise


Iceberg lettuce w. NYC smith & wollensky's blue cheese dressing

ripe strawberries

street fair sausage & peppers

toasted bagel w. cream cheese & ripe in season tomato

warm ess a bagel everything bagel w. scallion cream cheese, white fish, jarlsberg cheese & butter lettuce

"sometimes I comb my hair with a fork" Eloise

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PHO! Can't get away from the stuff. It's a strange addiction. I risk driving on some of the most accident riddled streets of Vancouver, through the SARS and Mad Cow scare to get my weekly bowl of PHO. I remember shrugging off the vision of people wearing surgical masks as they walked down the street in front of my favorite PHO joint. Even if I had believed that there was a real risk I couldn't have resisted going for my hot bowl of PHO.

David Cooper

"I'm no friggin genius". Rob Dibble


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for my first post, i couldn't even be the first to the punch...

cheap all-you-can-eat seafood- (i.e. alaskan crab legs, fried shrimp, fried clam STRIPS!!!!) like chesapeake bay seafood house or buffets at the beach.

i get up from the table disgustingly full, and get outside thinking that i certainly could have another few platefuls.

real(as in, not frozen) bagels, with cream cheese, tomato, sprouts, thinly sliced red onion and most smoked fishes.

not the healthiest, but why deny oneself?
sure it isn't healthy, but why deny oneslf?
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Pasta w/ Fresh summer tomatoes -- a simple pomodoro or something similar. And for some reason it's got to be long noodles--linguine, spaghetti, fettucini...anything long will do.

Raw summer tomatoes -- preferably celebrities from my dad's garden--the sweetest tomatoes on the planet. (at least on my planet)

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My mom's chicken fried steak! :wub:

Welcome, rachiesarah!


“Peter: Oh my god, Brian, there's a message in my Alphabits. It says, 'Oooooo.'

Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.”

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Tim Oliver

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Ripe Mangoes

Dark Chocolate (I eat at least one square every morning before inserting contact lenses. It's actually a safe-guard against bad days. If it all goes to hell I can still say that I ate some good chocolate.)

Sesame Crackers (They must use some sort of opiate in those bloody things. At least they're cheap!)

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Asparagus seems to be a big favorite - definitely one of mine year round. Rest of the family doesn't like it, so I don't feel guilty just buying enough for me even when it's out of season and $3.99 a lb.

Good coffee from the coffee shop - yes! :cool:

Eggs - scrambled with cheese is my favorite, but I have them in one form or another almost daily. (I know a few years ago they said no to that, but now the health police have swung back on that verdict.)

Hamburgers are the one I'll get a hankering for on occasion and have three or four times in a week. Then I won't have them agin for a couple of months!

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I'd still love to try those White Castle mini-burgers with jalapeno cheese...

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Steak. Bacon. Agedashi tofu. Thick pork chops. Fried eggs. Crackling. Seaweed soup. Gyoza. Roast pork sandwiches. Tonkatsu. Miso shiru. Congee. Baked ziti. Rice. Roast potatoes. Mashed potatoes. Kale. Chorizo. Shanghai bok choy. Pea meal bacon. Poached eggs. Roast prime rib. Hiyayako-tofu. Saba-zushi. Soba. Toast. etc etc etc

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