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WTN: 2000 Black Opal Shiraz South Australia


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This wine was tasted blind at a Shiraz/Syrah tasting we hosted. It was opened about 2 hours prior to consuming but was not decanted. This wine cost about $10.

This wine smelled a bit thin, if that is possible, with traces of acetone but quickly followed by macerated cherries. Faint and sparse thin legs were there, too. medium to light dark color. Around the ring a bit translucent. Upon tasting I sensed some pretty basic dark fruits, cherries, vanilla, and other simple fruit tastes. The acids in this wine were not properly balanced. Finish on the shorter side. Certainly drinkable.

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I'm a fan of most of the Black Opal wines. I have found their 2000 Vintages need to be decanted regardless of whether it's a Merlot, Cabernet or Shiraz. However, their 1999 vintages are really good.

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1999 Black Opal: Shiraz

I enjoyed this wine quite recently at a steak house in Pittsurg, KS and it has quickly become one of my favorites for a beef dinner.

Went exceptionally well with the prime rib.

Has a nice cheery vanilla hint and what seemed to me to be a sort of pepper like finish.

medium in color.

Stew $4.00 a glass

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