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Fantasy sandwich


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Breakfast: smoked whitefish, scallion cream cheese, jarlsberg & boston lettuce on a toasted buttered bialy

Retro:chinese roast pork on garlic bread w. duck sauce & chinese mustard ( an old Brooklyn Diner sandwich..anyone rememeber?)

Summer: toasted country bread w. homemade mayo & slice of heirloom tomato w. salt & pepper

Special occasion: leftover thanksgiving turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mayo & stuffing on what ever bread is around

Hoagie/sub/hero :mortadella, fresh made mozzarella, really fruity olive oil, & fresh basil on seeded Italian bread

Meaty: rare roast beef, horseradish, mayo &  sharp cheddar on grainy wheat

Dainty: sliced radishes on butter thinly sliced white bread w. salt & pepper & chive blossoms


Homey: Cold meatloaf on white bread w. ketchup

Hangover: 2 eggs scrambled bacon on kaiser roll

Marks & Spencer: tie btw aromatic duck & cheddar & celery

Fancy: Grilled lamb w. thin spread of homemade hummus w. preserved lemons, sliced cucumbers, fresh mint on tandoori bread

Fast food: Subway turkey w. green peppers, onions, pickles, lettuce tomato oli & vinegar sweet peppers & mayo on whole grain

Other fancy: Pate de campagne w. mango chutney & tiny bit dijon mustard on whole grain

Default: Turkey lettuce tomato & muenster cheese on kaiser roll w. mayo salt & pepper

Grandma sandwich: Chicken cutlet on ukranian bread half butter half mayo w. tomaoe & lettuce

i'm starving right now!!!

my, aren't we quiet today! :biggrin:

Herb aka "herbacidal"

Tom is not my friend.

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And my personal winner is:

Slices of extremely rare tenderloin on toasted sourdough with my mother's muffeletta(sp?) spread and alfalfa sprouts.

Runners up:

A black olive, cream cheese, mayo mixture on rye with either/ or both bacon and jalapeno slices.

Smoked salmon, red onions,capers, avocado slices on pumpernickel smeared with cream cheese.

Whole Foods' jalapeno pimento cheese w/fresh toms, sprouts or baby spinach leaves, and mayo. Usually I add additional pickled jalapeno slices.

The Reuben, but without the usual dressing....I prefer mine w/a grainy mustard instead, and even plain yellow mustard before the traditional.

My beloved white bread, thick hunk of beef bologna, processed American cheese and onion sandwich. A Claussen on the side, of course.

Pork ribs w/hot sauce on anything.

A whole wheat pita stuffed w/avocado, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, and a mustard(just plain yeller)/mayonaise combo.


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Very thickly sliced brandywine tomato on sourdough bread with mayo and arugala, and often some best-quality, very crisp bacon, also thickly sliced from a slab.

Rare roasted lamb with carmelized onions and mayo, also on sourdough.

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I read somewhere that some versions of Cuban sandwiches have strawberry jam. Like a Monte Cristo, I guess.

Yes, there is a version of the Cubano, with a woman's name, Maria something? I think it has cream cheese, strawberry jam, and turkey. I was about to say it sounds ghastly, but then I remembered how much I love smoked turkey with lettuce on sourdough spread with a mix of mayo and cranberry chutney.

Favorite cold vegetarian sandwich #1: fresh chickpeas; sprouted lentils; other sprouts (radish, alfalfa); chopped tomato, cucumber, and cheese (cheddar or blue); bound with blue cheese dressing; in a multigrain crusty roll.

Favorite cold vegetarian sandwich #2: Swiss cheese and tomatoes on seeded rye with mustard.

Favorite hot vegetarian sandwich: felafel from Alphanoose on Fulton Street, with lettuce, tomatoes, pickled turnip, pickled cucumber (Middle Eastern), onion, sesame sauce, and hot sauce, on pita.

Never-again childhood favorite: peanut butter and banana slices on Pepperidge Farm white bread.

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Offbeat my a**.  You'd say that anyday.  But what happened to poor Hedy?

Well, I was thinking of living people.

But if we go in the other direction, Hedy at about 25 & Greta at 18. :biggrin:

Keep asking questions & I might find a new occupation as a sandwich chef.

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Used to have crispy bacon sandwiches with spicy mustard and a spoonful of egg salad on whole wheat buns all the time when I was younger. Delicious.

Another favorite - Peanut butter and butter with corn flake crumb coated banana slices on soft white bread. Couldn't eat that now though.

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Are there any other types of po'boys, or are oyster po'boys the most common version?


Fried shrimp, catfish, other fish, crawfish tails... all of those are favorites here in Houston and New Orleans.

Growing up in New Orleans, I had plenty of non-seafood poboys (we often didn't bother to punctuate the word). An Italian poboy, for example, is pretty much an Italian sub, except on poboy bread... which we called - Italian bread.

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My favorite italian sub -- the Yankee Stadium, served at Mike's Deli at the Arthur Avenue Retail Market in the Bronx.

His "Albanian" which is made from dried aged Filet Mignon and mozzarella, is a very close second.

I want that sandwich!! :wub::wub:



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[My favorite italian sub -- the Yankee Stadium, served at Mike's Deli at the Arthur Avenue Retail Market in the Bronx.

His "Albanian" which is made from dried aged Filet Mignon and mozzarella, is a very close second.

Mike's son Marco is who got me started on mortadella & fresh mozzarella...he wrote a one man show" Behind The Counter with Mussolini" about growing up at the deli and at the end of act one Marco would make fresh cheese and there was one section about the huge holiday mortadella .During one run of the show I was so mortadella obsessed I ate one nearly everyday...ask them about it next time your there

it was so great.

"sometimes I comb my hair with a fork" Eloise

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I used to love peanut butter and cheese with radish sprouts on black bread.

I'm going to try the peanut butter and lettuce on rye toast.

peanut butter on toasted bagel w. sharp chedder & cold vlasic pickles sliced thin.

"sometimes I comb my hair with a fork" Eloise

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Toasted Bagel, open face, Vermont Chevre, Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Oven toasted Hoagie bun, Genoa Salami, Cooked Salami, Coppacole, Prosciutto, Mortadella, Provolone, Boston Lettuce, Sliced Tomatoes, EVOO, WineVinegar, fresh Oregano.

Root Beer or Moxie

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1. Italian beef. Finest sandwich known to man. I have spoken.

2. Pepperidge Farm white, Cains mayo, fresh garden ripe tomato (screw the heirlooms, regular old Big Boy, please. What I would give to have one here in CA.), salt and pepper. Eaten over the sink.

3. Lamb spiedies sandwich from Endicott NY way.

4. Leftover turkey with stuffing and lettuce and mayo.

5. One of them there Italian bomb creations in that there picture. Whoa!

6. Pastrami, corned beef and brisket. On rye. With deli mustard and Russian.

7. BLT on white with a lotta mayo.

8. Good, rare roast beef on a buttered bun with lettuce and mayo, like from Kelly's in Revere. No BBQ sauce.

9. Pulled pork and coleslaw onna bun. Light BBQ sauce.

10. Liverwurst onna bulkie with Swiss and mustard and pickle relish.

I loves me some sammitches. As a former longtime restaurant cook, I have subsisted solely on sammitches, beer and coffee for months at a time.

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Two entries...

1) Toasted english muffin, fried Taylor Pork Roll slices, fried egg, grated cheddar, mustard, mayo, hot sauce.

2) Bacon, lettuce, tomato, AVOCADO, mayo, on toasted wheat. You can shoot me after I'm done eating that and I just won't care.

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Chicken-pinenut salad from Beans and Barley in Milwaukee on thick slabs of whole-grain bread.

'Tho there's something to be said for (rarely) the old childhood fave of Oscar Meyer bologna, individually wrapped slices of American cheese, Miracle Whip, and Wonder Bread. This one makes me shudder when i'm sober :)

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Real German Liverwurst with onion on black bread.

Roast chicken, toasted white bread, little mayo s/p.

From my college days from the student deli- Boar's Head Bologna Hero with mayo-that thing was so big it could take two days to eat!

Vermont Ham with brie on French bread with honey mustard.

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Liverwurst on rye (with seeds) with onion and hot mustard.

Cold meatloaf on seeded rye with thinly sliced onion and a dollop of ketchup (catsup)

Turkey breast, provolone and hard salami on italian bread with a kiss of mayo.

Cold sliced chicken (or turkey) between slices of pound cake.

Chicken salad on pumpernickel with bacon.

There's so many more that I can't even think of. I'm still digging Jason's monster sambwiches! :wub:



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Lots of good sandwiches listed, some of my faves even.

A recent addition to my personal sandwich menu is a grilled salami BBQ sandwich.

Grill thin slices of salami, place on kaiser, french or roll of you choice, with the BBQ sauce of your choice.

WOW :wub:

"I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it could be"
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fantasy sandwich?

--sourdough bread, rare roast beef, horseradish mayo, watercress

--bacon, whole-wheat pita, mayo, mesclun, asiago cheese

--shrimp and potato salad on croissant

mmm... :wub:


"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the ocean."

--Isak Dinesen

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A new, delicious discovery based on the Danish smorrebrod known as "The Electrician's Supper:"

Leftover pork chops, sliced thin

Caramelized onions

Sautéed sliced apples (I threw the already caramelized onions w/ some of their juice in the pan with them)

Mustard vinaigrette

on a baguette buttered with Lurpak


All the elements are pretty traditional except that the onions are usually quickly sautéed with the apple, and of course the bread is usually that thin, dark, dense stuff. I like a lot of bread, so I went with the French bread -- Danes eat that too, at breakfast usually, and the butter was Danish, so there! Another variation is to use leftover pork gravy instead of the vinaigrette.

Queen of Grilled Cheese


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My mom loves potato salad sandwiches. Your standard mustard potato salad on white bread. Damn the carbohydrates, full speed ahead!!

Personally, I am a grilled cheese freak. Nearly any kind of bread, and nearly every kind of cheese. With the firmer (cheddar, provolone, gouda) cheeses, I grill tomato slices, then add the tomato to the sandwich. With softer cheeses, like brie, I serve with apple slices or grapes. I use both butter and olive oil to grill the sandwiches. Just enough to make them crispy and golden, not greasy.

The ultimate sandwich is good garlicky roast pork, sliced not pulled, on fresh French or Italian bread, with a little sun dried tomato aioli (or really good mayo) and Creole mustard. Fritos or home made herb potato chips on the side.

Screw it. It's a Butterball.
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