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For wineries near Yountville, I can recommend Cliff Lede , Robert Sinskey, Trefethen, Laird Family, Domaine Chandon (mainly sparkling, but they do have Chardonnay & Pinot Noir still wines). Also, Jessup Cellars has a tasting room on Washington St. across from PJ Steak (formerly Pere Jeanty). You could also go into Wine Garden restaurant at the south end of town and do tastings of the Nord family's grapes.

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A friend and I are making the trek up to visit the Bakery on Friday. Does anyone have a winery or two to recommend in the general vicinity. She like Cabs (And other "big" wines) where I prefer fruity (and sometimes sweeter) whites (though I'll drink a lighter, fruitier red as well.) However, we're both still learning about this whole wine thing and are happy to experiment.

thanks for any help (and all the delicious pictures!)

Paradigm is just right up the street and is a small and very boutique-ish. We loved their wines and the uncrowded tasting room, call and let them know you are coming:


Also Goosecross is very close too:


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Thank you all so much for the suggestions. We had quite the extravaganza yesterday! We got stuck in some pretty nasty traffic on the way up (a giant semi was completely covered in flames) but got there only slightly frazzled:)

We made 2 winery stops first:

Cliff Lede- What a beautiful tasting room/visitors center. Our "wine consultant" said they had just had their 1 year anniversary in the new building. We tasted some very good wines here. Between the two of us, we bought Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and the Claret.

Miner Family- A little smaller, so it felt more crowded, but they had viewing windows into the fermenting (I think!) room, so that was kind of neat. We bough their Vionger and a Cab

Then we moved on to Bouchon Bakery. I was literally the kid in the candy store. We were nervous as it was later in the day (nearly 5) and we thought they might be out of things, but luckily they said they had nearly everything. No pates de fruits though (I was looking forward to those!) We bought a number of things, but haven't eaten very many of them yet. We each had a ham and cheese sandwich on baguette (grilled) and it was wonderful. We also tried the chocolate bouchon (like the best cakey brownie you've ever had) the lemon tart (wonderful, even when slightly melted from being in the car, and the "pop tart" which I had for breakfast this morning. As this was the primary purpose of our visit, we were pretty pleased with out purchases.

On our way out, we spent nearly 2 hours at the Bounty Hunter in Napa with a cheese plate, and countless tastes of random things. I tried this very strange concoction from my home region of Italy (Piedmonte) which was a sparkling red wine, but really tasted a lot like grape juice with some black current behind it. Very refreshing, and not too expensive, so I brought home a bottle.

A great trip, my friend was highly impressed by everything, and I have to thank you all again for helping me!

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We hit Bouchon Bakery on our way out of Napa. I enjoyed the pasteries at the bakery especially the "Bouchons".


How do you choose just one??????


Who does not have room for a oreo



Did not delve into this case unfortunately

Eliot Wexler aka "Molto E"


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Brought a great many home and we're still working our way through but so far I love the cookie part of the oreo and the chocolate bouchon.

I really liked the oreo, as well. A little like La Brea Bakery's version. Wish I could get Bouchon's recipe!

Just in case anyone else was interested in the recipe, I finally found it here. The pastry chef at Bouchon was also nice enough to email me the recipe, but it makes a much larger batch.

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