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Israel - Restaurant Recommendations

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Shalom to Boaz and other posters on this thread!

I'm returning to Israel for a visit. It's been 5 years since my last trip. I was hoping you could provide me with details on any new, must eat establishments that have popped up in the last few years. I'll be spending most of my time is Tel-Aviv (staying in Ramat Hasharon), but will be passing thru Jerusalem, the Dead Sea area and maybe Haifa.

Thanks in advance,


South Florida

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Thanks for your response. I depart to Israel on 7/10 and would be happy to wait for your updated guide to be published. I'm not necessary looking for upscale french-influenced or italian food; I get my share of that in the US. The following are examples of what I'd like to enjoy during my trip:

-A great "shipudim" restaurant experience

-An Eastern European Yiddish-style restaurant where I can have dishes like Pitcha (jellied calves feet)

-Fresh mediterranean seafood like red mullets a/ka/ "barbunia"




-European style artisan bread

Thanks in advance,


Rich, Hi....

If you can hold for about one week, my updated guide to Israeli restaurants (appearrs weekly in HaAretz newspaper) will be on line and I will post a link to that.  If more urgent than that, drop me a line to drogov@cheerful.com

South Florida

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Ok Rich,

Here are some of my favorites,( to some I may be able to escort you) …

"shipudim" - Simo & Duby in Givaat olga (Near Hedera)

-Shawarma - Emil (Haifa) Awoni in Tel Aviv

Espresso – Top quality in many places all over

Falafel – Many possibilities

Bread – Bar – Lehem (Tel aviv) Lehamim (Tel Aviv) Bourkin (Hedera)

You also have to take a bite at a decent Sabich, Like Sabich-Deluxe in Tel aviv.

0nce you are here, I'll give you further details.


"Eat every meal as if it's your first and last on earth" (Conrad Rosenblatt 1935)


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Today I took my american guests to Jerusalem and Mini- Israel. We ate at a lovely vegetarian place. The food was interesting and tasty and the view of the old city outside the window of our table was perfect. Here is a site that shows some ofthe food, the table and view.

T' anim or figs

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I'm going to be in Tel Aviv for New Years and was wondering if anyone has restaurant recommendations...me and my boyfriend are looking for great food, but we also would really like a young/fun atmosphere to celebrate the occasion. I've been looking at the restaurant reviews so far and a lot of the really great places seem a bit stuffy, which could just be because they're French restaurants and I'm predisposed to think of them as such. Anyway, any recommendations would be highly appreciated!

Thanks so much!!


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