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Interesting @Chris Hennes. Thanks.


Edinburgh was a half hour bus ride away when I was a kid and from about 16 to 18, I spent every weekend and holiday there. I got in with a very artistic set and had the times of my life. Met a couple of people, too who went on superstardom. I sank into oblivion, muttering mysteriously in university cloisters. More impressionable students thought I was divining the secrets of linguistic alchemy, but actually I was just trying to remember what to buy on the way home to in order to make rare and almost unheard of dishes with even less heard of ingredients such as garlic and yoghurt and limes. Mushrooms were definitely poisonous and fish deeply suspect, despite there only being one type - haddock. I have seldom been back to Edinburgh.


But this summer I will!


So your tentative recommendations are very interesting. In reverse order, Timberyard (Don't they make boots?) doesn't appeal at all. I have a firm rule never to eat in restaurants which think it's cool to use gray text on a white background for their menus.

"Hey, we are so cool and trendy"


"But the menu is illegible!"


"Illegibility is the new clarity!"


*$%#& Off!"


Also, things like "we ask that all of your party choose a menu with the same number of courses" just irritate. Are they running their establishment for the staff's convenience or the customers'?


But I trust your judgement that the kitchen's execution was competent. I'd just like to see the designers executed!




I am so glad you mentioned your bias against Angels with Bagpipes. It sounds like my worst nightmare. It is also in an area I avoid like I avoid anthrax. Like most Scots who haven't had their brains removed, I hate all that shortbread tin lid nonsense and I loathe bagpipes.


But I'm glad I read on. Love the menu and was imagining choices. I'll try to round up some of my more cynical acquaintances* in Scotland and drag them along.

I was a little discombobulated by the use of pancetta with the haggis, but there is a strong Italian tradition in Scotland, so I'll let it pass. Pity they don't seem to offer haggis as a main course, though.


*Actually, I don't know anyone in Edinburgh except for one woman I haven't seen or contacted for almost 50 years! She is a bit of a public figure on the Edinburgh arts and festival scene, so I came across her online a few years ago and realised that "Oh It's Mad Moira!' (name changed - except the "mad" part).



Finally, Café St. Honoré sounds perfect! Great sounding menu. I'm on my way already! Interesting and well-priced wine list, too.


I'll let you know.

I had read and heard that Edinburgh's eating scene had moved out of the city centre down to Leith, but good to know there is still something edible in the centre.

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This was not a "food trip" so I limited myself to places I could walk to from the hotel, hence the all-tourist-district selection.


Regarding Angels with Bagpipes' haggis -- honestly I don't remember any pancetta being involved, but I think they tweak their exact menu pretty frequently. The haggis was actually served as a small croquette, so I'm not sure it would work well as a main in that format. And agreed about Café St. Honoré's wine list -- we had a very enjoyable Chablis. (As a side note, one of my favorite things about visiting the UK is that you can get Chablis for a not-totally ridiculous price, unlike in the US where even when you can find it it's almost always stupidly expensive).

Chris Hennes
Director of Operations

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surely Chris the UK was better value at the moment because of our adventures with Brexit and the fall in the value of the pound?


I've always avoided Timberyard as it always looked like it aping new Nordic. 


Did you get to the 'Scran & Scally' a pseudo pub by Tom Kitchin, a 10 minute wander out of town?



“Do you not find that bacon, sausage, egg, chips, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, fried bread and a cup of tea; is a meal in itself really?” Hovis Presley.

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