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A large bag of pistachio

Monica Bhide

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Zuni Cafe Cookbook has a recipe for a pistachio sauce, sort of like a pesto, served over asparagus. I really wanted to make it, but it calls for "fresh pistachios," which I am finally concluding are a myth. Has anybody ever seen "fresh" pistachios? Don't they have to be roasted to make it possible to open the shells?


Fresh pistachios are not a myth. In Lebanon I used to eat them all the time. they have an outer reddish skin that needs to be removed and then it looks like the pistachio you know (unroasted or salted of course). If the Pistachio is ripe enough then the shells are already open, roasting does not in any way affect it (unlike a mussel :smile:). I have seen them and bought them in the US in middle eastern stores. However, I am not sure when they are in season. they are very tasty and sweet/fresh tasting compatred to the roasted/dried type, sort of what a fresh green almond is to the roasted or dried almond.


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