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TN: 2000 Quails Gate Old Vines Foch


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Yesterday while "visiting" another wine related internet site, Robin Garr's "Wine Lover's Page", I saw a post from someone who had been visiting Vancouver and ate at Bin 942, the "tapas styled" spot on Broadway.

What was of interest to me was that she commented that she tried a glass of Quails Gate OVF which she had heard of but never tried. Her description is great. Talk about different "wine speak". She mentioned roasted turnips, raw beets, Campbell's vegetable soup , new terra-cotta tiles amongst others. I thought it was terrific post.

This wine is from B.C.'s Okanagan Valley and is made from marechal foch, a varietal which I expect one either loves or hates. I fit into the latter category when it is made well as is usually the case with Quails Gate and for example, Ontario's Malivoire Winery.

The descriptors used by the poster differed with my recollection so yesterday I picked up a bottle on the way home from work. We had it last evening with barbequed, marinated boneless leg of lamb.

It was "true to form" a dark, purple inky monster. Initially a little closed but it quickly began to open up. Lots of dark berry fruit and a whiff of radichio or chickory. Tasted the same way, fairly deep taste with a somewhat bitter finish. It did however, unlike other foch I have had, have an actual finish. It was not one of those that immediately disappears after you have swallowed. Definitely some coffee with smooth tannins and nice mouth feel. Not as viscous as I recollect some of the earlier vintages but I enjoyed it.

Try as I might, I just could not taste the beets, turnip, cabbage that others had commented on...just as well probably :biggrin: Not saying that they are not there, just that I did not detect them. When I asked my wife is she noted them she looked at me as if I was from mars and asked, "were you drinking at lunch again?".




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