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Precious sparks

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In your role as producer, I am curious to know how the ideas for your shows came about.

Could you predict that the quirkyness of Iron Chef would make it such a popular favorite? In an effort to bring new ideas and creativity to food television risk is a factor in the process. How much of your work was based on gut feelings that you faithfully followed?

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first of all i was not a producer at Food Network...my final title was Manager, Program Development...but that ended on October, 11, 2000 when I was fired. My observations and recollections are my own and only refer to the time I was gainfully employed by Food Network. I have no knowledge of any business practice or programming strategy of Food Network from any point past my departure from the company. I speak for myself and in so speaking in no way mean to demean, disparage, or defame Food Network or any individual working there. The method that I employed in development was my own, but I in no way suggest that my method is better than any other method or that the same method i used is not shared by creative professionals in all long form visual media.

ideas came for shows came about by (in no order)

1.just thinking about it alot

2. lots of research and reading books and magazines and articles and then thinking about it

3. talking out rough ideas with the programming group and others

4. taking pitches and watching tapes

5. grace

6. luck

7. kismet

8. loving the subject matter and letting inspiration direct my attention

As for Iron Chef...I knew that it would be a huge hit. There was no question in my mind. I knew it in my head and in my gut. It was a no brainer as far as I was concerned.

I tried to follow my gut when it came to programming but there were times when the process of development was a bit more intellectual than gut.

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