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I went tonight. This was as good as any Indian cuisine I've ever had, with the possible exception of the Michelin one-star Zaiko in London.

Is it authentic? Hell, I don't know, but "authentic" in certain countries means chasing down your neighbor's cat with a butcher knife.

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It is definitely my intention to be there tomorrow, but I have no power or water this morning (Lorton). I hope things return to normal later today or tomorrow. I'm at work typing this even though my office is closed today. If I can't make it because of the outages, I'll swing by work again tomorrow to let you know.

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We have no power and no water. Indique is still open -- if there are any cahnges I will post here.

I hope to see you all there and eat a hot meal.. we have an all electric house and so nothing hot to eat. Also I was just informed politely by Dominion power that the electricity will take a week to come back

Monica Bhide

A Life of Spice

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No water! Are you affected by the Fairfax County Water Authority problem?

I had only eight hours without electricity this morning. The water from the electric water heater was a little cool but my stove and furnace run off gas.

I'm in the office today but not feeling very responsible. The government agency I use is closed so filings will be delayed until Monday.

See everyone tomorrow.

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Ever watch those nature shows about lions on discovery channel? After a kill where they've eaten 200 lbs of meat in one sitting?

Not that we had only meat, but it was a huge meal. Two or three of the courses were entree size. I have the whole custom made menu with me, but I'm too catatonic like the lions to type it up.

A fabulous meal. Great company. A wonderful night out.

Thanks Monica! And thanks Indique!

Al Dente and Sarah

peak performance is predicated on proper pan preparation...

-- A.B.

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I seccond Al Dente's views of

a good meal,( very creativley presented with style )

great company and

a wonderful evening.

It was nice to meet everybody, I only wish we could have sat at one large table intsead of three.

We should do this more often and check out the other Indian restaurants, how about Heritage, next?

Or am I talking about food too soon after the amount we ate.


Great job of putting it all together Monica!

Bombay Curry Company

3110 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22305. 703. 836-6363

Delhi Club

Arlington, Virginia

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I think I have already recovered. That was quite an experience. Jen and I are looking forward to our next chance to get together to see everyone again and hopefully meet some other members.

Wherever we go next is going to have to do a lot to live up to Indique and Chef Vinod.

I am looking forward to seeing all the pictures Vengroff took to comment on some of the dishes.

Bill Russell

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I've just gotten back online. I want to thank Monica again for organizing this event, and Chef Vidod for the incredible eleven course meal he served us over the course of five marvelous hours. And thanks to all of you who attended.

Here are some of the pictures I took, to help you relive the experience, and to encourage those who were not able to attend to try Indique on their own.

We began with Aam Ka Panna, a raw green mango drink which our table thought of as a liquid papadam.


Another favorite at our table was the shrimp varuval, whose sauce had incredible depth. It was served as part of the Samundar Platter along with calamari and crab. The shrimp is the darker timbale on the left of the plate.


Next up was the Shakahari Platter of vegetarian specialties.


The platter of kababs included this massive prawn, which I thought was great. For those of you who didn't see these things in person, they are about the size of the palm of my hand, and I'm no dainty little fellow.


The biriyani was baked in crokery with a protective coating of bread. The bread was cut away tableside to reveal rice; each and every grain was seperate and tender, as shown here.


I was also enamored of this small dish of chopped vegetables.


There was much more to the meal. I have only begun to scratch the surface with these photos. But I have to include this shot of the dessert plate of mango cheese flan and cardamom ice cream with orange sauce.

Thanks again to Chef Vinod, Monica, and everyone who attended.

Chief Scientist / Amateur Cook

MadVal, Seattle, WA

Proud signatory to the eG Ethics code

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Just wanted to add my thanks to Monica and to Chef Vinod - the evening was great fun, and the food was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the samplers of the seafood and vegetarian dishes - most of the Indian dishes I'm used to are northern Indian, and the samplers were a great opportunity to try a number of southern regional specialties.

If I had to pick a favorite dish from the evening, though, I'd have to go with the seafood broth. :wub:

"Tea and cake or death! Tea and cake or death! Little Red Cookbook! Little Red Cookbook!" --Eddie Izzard
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That Seafood broth was definitely in my top three. A light seafood bisque thckened with coconut milk instead of cream.

My two favorites though were the Tilapia cooked in a banana leaf and the lamb.

As I mentioned at the table, the lamb was one of Jen's favorites too even though she had previously forsworn lamb (on principle - the "cute" principle I think). I think she has become a convert. :biggrin:

Bill Russell

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