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Who is Bernard Edwards?

Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers, the two men behind the Chic Corporation.

Though now as I think about it, it may have Nile who was snubbed at Studio 54.

You must be a devotee of Behind the Music.

I'm hollywood and I approve this message.

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a few pounds of Florida Jumbo Stone Crab claws, with mustard/mayo/worcestershire dipping sauce, freshly made creamed spinach and boiled new potatoes tossed with butter and chopped parsley. Vintage German Reisling Spatslese to drink with it.

I think I just made a mess of myself.

Jason Perlow

Co-Founder, The Society for Culinary Arts & Letters

offthebroiler.com - Food Blog | View my food photos on Instagram

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To please me it'd have to be:


A salad of chilled asparagus, artichokes hearts and hearts of palm on a bed of baby arugula with a luscious vinaigrette of my chef/lover's choosing


Lobster, almost any way, as long as it isn't with a rich stuffing or sauce. Truffled mashed potatoes, celery root in some form or another.


An interesting homemade gelato or sorbet, using unusual fruits or savory seasonings. Chocolate mousse is always good too though... :wub:

If I were doing the cooking I'd probably make:


Roasted Chestnut/Butternut Squash soup. Made this for a Thanksgiving dinner once and it was awesome. Can't reproduce it because I don't have the frozen Hungarian chestnut puree that was an ingredient. :sad:


Pasta Puttanesca. It's quick, easy and delicious. It's the first thing I ever cooked for the Evil Ex and it made him marry me. It has a good history in terms of its effect, if not the individual it worked on!


Macerated fresh berries with Grand Marnier and whipped cream.

Of course if I had more time I'd make a roast :smile:

Katie M. Loeb
Booze Muse, Spiritual Advisor

Author: Shake, Stir, Pour:Fresh Homegrown Cocktails

Bartendrix,Intoxicologist, Beverage Consultant, Philadelphia, PA
Captain Liberty of the Good Varietals, Aphrodite of Alcohol

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Beluga Caviar with Chopped Shallots on Buckwheat Blinis

Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb (medium rare) with a Port and Red Wine Reduction with Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Creme' Caramel

Um...this would work for me every time. (Good thing we like each other's spouses....) :wub:

Margaret McArthur

"Take it easy, but take it."

Studs Terkel


A sensational tennis blog from freakyfrites


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Per lissome's original query . . .

Richard Olney's Sweetbread Loaf (accompanied w/ baguette, cornichons, & mustards)

Shawn McClain's Roasted Halibut w/ fresh sardines, olive tampande, & roasted red peppers

Double chocolate bread pudding

At least, if all this were happening right now.

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I once had a 'date' with a friend who brought me olives in place of flowers.  Too bad he was such a loser otherwise.  I had told him of my love of olives before, so it wasn't that odd a gift to bring.  Olives = foodgasm.

I've had boys bring me pears.

I love pears.

I'm all about a boy cooking for me, no matter what they make. Or how many dishes.

And if I'm cooking for a boy, damnit, they'd better recognize.


Noise is music. All else is food.

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Beefeater Martinis, extra chilled, while we wait those 20 minutes...

Cold plate of artichoke hearts, sweet peppers, asparagus, olives to start...

Lobster ravioli with a light peppery creme sauce to fill... Good Bread.

Peach sorbet to close ...

Maybe a little swing dancing later up in the city at the Top of the Mark to make it a night.

(2nd choice would be fried boudin balls, greasy jambaylia, and watermelon nawed right off the rind, followed by a little jig to a band that includes a washboard... )

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