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Second NY Potluck Dinner

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Belmont, there's always the Greenmarket for hunting and gathering, if you're stuck.  :wub:   :wub:   Otherwise, what Soba said.  :biggrin:

That is what I am looking forward to!!!!!!!!! I will keep you posted as to what I will be doing

Well I have made it to NYC, and my cooking accomidations suck, but I did take my first ever walk through the Greenmarket today, how awesome is that!!!!!!!!! You guys are freakin' spoiled. Good stuff abounds.

True, for New York. :raz:

But I have had market envy ever since I visited the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Sigh. Ain't food grand?

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Just bumping this back up to keep it in people's consciousness.

I know for sure that I will be providing homemade sorrel drink (the red, spicy, sweet kind). So if anyone would care to bring a bottle of good rum . . . Soba, whichever your heart desires; I never add rum, myself :biggrin:

And I might throw together the hummous that was such a hit at Lissome's (if my grocery delivery today ever arrives :angry: ). Ah, my groceries finally arrived, so I have lots of CANNED chickpeas :shock: to make more humous. :laugh:

Bond Girl, crab meat salad sounds divine. And =Mark, even though it IS a pasta salad, please do bring it; it too looks and sounds very yummy.

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Due to my limited cooking utensils, here are the two choices to choose from, you guys let me know:

1. Mediterranean Seafood Terrine ( Shrimp and Scallops)

2. A Gruyere and Olive cake with roasted tomato sauce

Plus maybe someone could let me know where I am going, I am coming from Roosevelt Island

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Dear all,

I will be sending out directions via PM by the middle of next week. Public transportation, mostly; I rarely drive in the city, but I assume people who do can get themselves to major streets or what we laughingly refer to as " :wink: highways" in Manhattan.

If you want specific directions beyond address, cross streets, and phone number to call if/when you get lost, please PM me with you nearest subway/bus line(s) (if coming via public transit), or your point of entry to Manhattan if driving.

If you haven't heard from me by Friday, or Saturday morning, please PM me again or call me at the number I will supply.

Sorry to make this all sound so complicated. It's actually going to be fun. I hope. :laugh:

ps to Belmont: is the tram running? If not, where can you get a bus to? As for the food: some of each? :raz: Whichever you need more practice making; both sound yummy!

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And =Mark, even though it IS a pasta salad, please do bring it; it too looks and sounds very yummy.

I'll be thinking of you... :raz:

Now gotta go get some saffron...


Give a man a fish, he eats for a Day.

Teach a man to fish, he eats for Life.

Teach a man to sell fish, he eats Steak

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It will be pasta of some sort. No, not a pasta salad, but cooked pasta.

A veggie version for the non-meat eaters, and a non-veggie version for anyone who wants to try.

Still narrowing the list of choices down though....

maybe people can help me choose (LOL):


Rigatoni with fennel, mint and bread crumbs

Tagliatelle with broccoli and saffron


Pasta with sausages and wild mushrooms

Spaghetti with anchovies, caramelized onions and thyme. (The anchovies might be fresh if I can get some.)

I chopped off a couple of options just based on what people have posted already.


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