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Which Cuisine ?

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Dear Mark

I enjoy reading everything you write.

I came across your travel section of the NY Times and saw INDIA and your quote "Delights for the taste buds and the eyes in four New Delhi hotels". I read that article atleast half a baker's dozen times. I enjoyed it very much.

Dining in section of the NT Times which I follow every week, I read this great article on "Korean Mysteries, Deciphered By a family of Masters. Korean flavors authentically fiery, with generous use of garlic, chilies and pepper."

Garlic seems to be one of the favorite ingredients in these cuisines and one should guess that Indian or Korean or Italian cuisines it is hard to cook without it.

Here is my question to you Sir!

It is a pretty hot topic when it comes to some of our egulleteer friends on this great Forum, At what stage of of LIFE is Indian Cuisine, it's ambience and service and decor.

You as a great writer, cook book author, critique, travel writer to India and a great fan of food,

Could you please give us your insight and thoughts on INDIAN CUISINE:

1) Ten Years Ago

2) Today

3) Forecast on Future.

Sir, if I could add a follow up question to this, I will be highly obliged. Thank you very much again for your generous participation on EGullet.


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I would defer here; I don't know enough. It's not clear to me how it has changed, or how it will. I'm barely equipped to answer that question about American cuisine!

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