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Pizza Toppings: Simple/Elaborate, Traditional/Unusual

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2 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

A big thank you to @shain for the fig pizza idea!  


Figs, goat cheese and roasted balsamic onions with sage, black pepper 


Just a little mozzarella on the bottom to glue things in place!


What a beauty :)

I love seeing how much variety and possiblities can single recipe concept take.

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~ Shai N.

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A while back, I made this recipe for Country Ham-Wrapped and Roasted Peaches from Deep Run Roots:


Peach wedges get wrapped in thin slices of smoked country ham (I subbed prosciutto) and roasted.  They're served on gingered goat cheese (goat cheese, buttermilk & grated, fresh ginger) with a drizzle of balsamic honey and a sprinkle of sweet & spicy pecans. Very decadent.


With inspiration from @shain's peach pizza above, I decided to pizza-fy this recipe today:

IMG_2924.thumb.jpeg.ffea7bb743bd5f0e33d2b9c5f88af511.jpegto fi


I layered the gingered goat cheese mixture over the dough, sprinkled with a little mozzarella and the sliced peaches:



Topped with pepperoni (subbing for the country ham or prosciutto)





I added the pecans and drizzle of balsamic honey after baking.  

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This is the first batch of dough I've made with the Caputo (red bag) -- up to this point I'd just been using the King Arthur I normally use for bread. Alas, I also used cornmeal to prevent sticking (I normally just use flour), so that's one variable too many: the crust was certainly decent, but I need to practice with it a bit to get it dialed in, I think. Toppings are just low-moisture mozzarella, basil, and whole grape tomatoes blitzed in the food processor with some salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.



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Chris Hennes
Director of Operations

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I have found 100% of 00 Cuputo a bit much.

for a medium thick crust, settled on:

165g "00" + 115g semolina + 160g water + 5g yeast


I get the impression you eat a lot more pizza than we do, so ymmv.

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