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solo dining in Portland

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just wanted to pass along a word of thanks from my wife who returned from Portland on Sunday. Sadly, she was unable to get into the original Jake's on two separate tries but someone else from her party did get in and raved about the food (I have no way of knowing this person's taste so I'll take the egulleteers word on this restaurant). She did go to South Park and had a good meal. She also, in a scene right out of Jeffery Steingarten's new book, ate meals strictly due the convenience of the restaurants' location. I mention Steingarten because he tells a story of his wife going to Hong Kong and eating in McDonald's which he interprets as a way of getting back at him for planning every meal on their travels months in advance. My wife must be thinking the same way because I do the same exact thing.

Thanks again.

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