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The proof is in the eating

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I have not yet had the opportunity to experience St.John's, but am still familiar with your work; I was wondering how much convincing your front of the house staff has to do in order to insure that diners explore "what lies beyond the filet", or do your clients arrive in your establishment with an already opened mind towards your "nose to tail" approach to cooking.

Thank you for your time


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Whilst it's impossible to put a percentage on it, certainly the majority of guests seem to be open to what we do, 8 years down the line we have a solid customer base who come back time and again...for which we're very grateful of course.

As with the kitchen staff we are blessed with an enthusiatic front of house team who are genuinely interested in what the kitchen is doing.

It's not our aim to convince anyone of what they should eat, the bonnie attitude of the front of house staff towards the food is infectious.

Many thanks for your question.

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