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Denizens Of The Deep

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Although I've not had the privilege of dining at St. John, I hope to be able to do so when I visit England later this year. Until then, I continue to search out ways to increase my appetite!

Fergus, my question concerns fish and shellfish. Do you serve them at the restaurant, and if so, are you similarly inclined to use as much of the animal as possible? I'd be very interested to hear a bit about your approach to seafood, as well as an example or two of some of the dishes you've created. Thank you.

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Yes, there's always fish and shellfish on the menu at St. John.

And we treat it very much the same way in which we treat meat, cooked simply hopefully very well and simply served.

For instance, todays menu has Lemon Sole and Tartare Sauce, which is exactly as it sounds...just that, but we do also serve Soft Roes on Toast (herring milt).

Following on in the true 'Nose to tail' fashion.

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