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Dining in Bermuda

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I am back in Bermuda again.  Here's the view from our room.




We are in a similar unit as the last stay, though this one has two bedrooms instead of three.  The interior layout and decor is otherwise identical.  My husband has to work during the week, but we have a mini car rented for the weekend, and we'll be going to dinner every night, so there will be food to share.


We went down to the beach for a while after arriving yesterday.  Hurricane Lee passed nearby last week, and although it did not hit directly, Bermuda received a lot of wind, which killed a lot of the leaves on the trees, and also took away a lot of the sand, so the beach is quite steep right now.  The sand will all be back soon, and there's still plenty to enjoy.  As you can see, it was quite cloudy.  The weather is going to clear up tomorrow.  At least the water is warm enough to swim this time!




The beach restaurant at the hotel was closed for a wedding, so we booked a last minute table at Aurora at the Newstead at Belmont Hills.  We like to eat earlier than is popular in Bermuda, so can usually get in to places on short notice.  Menu




View from our table




We shared an order of tuna tartare to start




September and October is the local lobster season in Bermuda, so of course my husband got that.  The lobsters here are quite small and tender, and very sweet.  They were served with a seafood saffron risotto.  




I opted for the Dover sole.  




And for dessert, we split a lemon soufflé.  Husband also indulged in a Grand Marnier




We were both tired from traveling, and my husband was still recovering from the effects of getting the vaccine trifecta of shingles/flu/covid, so we were in bed by 9:30PM!  I did take this picture of the resort at night before retiring for the evening. 



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Our room has a full kitchen, so I was able to start the morning with a glass of iced tea while reading the local paper that they put on the door each day.  Even the headlines remind me that I am in a different country than the USA




We went to actual breakfast at the hotel but I did not take pictures as I just had some boring yogurt and fruit.  


We went over to the Royal Naval Dockyard to do some shopping.  We saw the setup for an Oktoberfest celebration happening that night,  Tickets were sold out.






Maybe because of this cruise ship in dock.  The island is not very crowded otherwise.




I found a copy of the same cookbook I bought on my honeymoon 26 years ago for sale in the bookshop.  




This book made me laugh.  An entire book about busses!




Weather was looking a bit stirred up back at the beach 




Dinner was at Cafe Lido, located on beautiful Elbow Beach.  I wish the windows opened, but the view is still lovely




Drinks.  I ordered a strawberry cocktail (too sweet, but I know it would be.  It was fun  for a couple of sips and then I switched to water.) Husband had a lemon martini










Bread service








Tuna tartare




I chose the catch of the day, which was wahoo.  




I also ordered a side of spinach, because I was not sure if I would enjoy the dandelion greens that came with the fish.  They were indeed a bit too bitter for my liking.  The fish was excellent though.




Husband ordered the pasta carbonara for some reason.  I guess he was very hungry!




Dessert menu




We split the berry semifreddo. It was nice.




No fancy dinner plans for today.  We are waiting for the weather to clear (it's looking promising) and then are heading out in the mini car for a beach tour, and to a stop at the place that supposedly has the best fish sandwich on the island.  I've been wanting to get there for ages, so we will see if it lives up to my expectations!

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Yesterday was our last day with the mini car, so we decided to do a beach exploration tour.  The south facing beaches have the pink sand that Bermuda is famous for, and I knew the dark and stormy clouds would heighten the colors on the beach.  As you can see, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  My favorite, Warwick Long Bay




The skies started lightening up as soon as we left Warwick, and continued to improve during the day.  Not as forbidding in these photos











After our beach walk, we took the minicar out to the other end of the island to try one of the fish sandwiches that is considered the best on the island.  The battle for best fish sandwich on Bermuda is a fierce competition every year, and often Woody's come out on top.  Woody's is a little building on the side of the road with picnic tables for while you wait.  They always tell you it is going to be an hour for your sandwich, but I think we only waited 25 minutes or so.  Woody's




The menu




And the sandwich.  We chose wahoo.  




Verdict: very tasty!  The hot sauce really added a lot.  I am not sure that the cheese is necessary, but I did not mind it either.  The sandwich was huge, and I was glad that we did not make dinner plans for the evening.


We spent the later afternoon back at the resort.  As you can see, the skies cleared up nicely.  The rest of this short trip should have lovely weather.




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3 hours ago, liamsaunt said:

The menu




And the sandwich.  We chose wahoo.  




I'm a little surprised to see the fish sandwich on bread instead of a bun.  Even more surprised to read on the menu that it's raisin bread??? 

Is that right?  Was it toasted?  

Looks and sounds pretty great aside from the raisins!

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2 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

I'm a little surprised to see the fish sandwich on bread instead of a bun.  Even more surprised to read on the menu that it's raisin bread??? 

Is that right?  Was it toasted?  

Looks and sounds pretty great aside from the raisins!


Raisin bread (barf) is a BDA thing for some reason.

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3 minutes ago, gfweb said:


Raisin bread (barf) is a BDA thing for some reason.


Indeed.  As soon as I typed that, I got a sense of deja vu.  Sure enough, we had a very similar discussion almost exactly a year ago! 


On 10/1/2022 at 4:44 AM, liamsaunt said:

Bermuda fish sandwiches do not typically have cheese.  It's fish (fried or grilled, but usually fried), and slaw on raisin bread.  Sometimes extra slaw sauce and/or hot sauce are added.  Most places offer the option of getting regular bread rather than raisin bread, but I like the raisin bread.

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20 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

I'm a little surprised to see the fish sandwich on bread instead of a bun.  Even more surprised to read on the menu that it's raisin bread??? 

Is that right?  Was it toasted?  

Looks and sounds pretty great aside from the raisins!


Yes, it was toasted raisin bread.  Sweet with savory is a big thing in Bermuda.  Another example is the traditional Bermuda breakfast on weekends.  Codfish (typically salt cod, often in a curry sauce, but sometimes plain) with sliced bananas, boiled potatoes, and hard boiled egg.  I really cannot get behind this one.  I have tried it a handful of times, and it's just not for me. 


47 minutes ago, TicTac said:

Wahoo or Grouper....yeesh, talk about a tough decision.  2 of my favourites.  I think I would have gone with Grouper, or more likely.....one of each!  lol :)


I love both too.  The guy behind the counter recommended the wahoo.  They catch their own fish, so I was going with what he recommended!


Husband had to spend the day working, but I got to enjoy our "outdoor living room."  You can turn off the AC and slide the walls open.  Pretty nice.




The surf is starting to pick up as Phillipe approaches from the south (we are leaving Thursday, so will be out of here before it potentially impacts Bermuda).  There are moments of calm though, and it's still OK for swimming (though too rough to snorkel, and the hotel won't let anyone use the water sports equipment).  I took this picture when the water was pulling back so it looks nice and calm.   The waves are crashing into that building in the lower part of the picture when they come in, which is why all the umbrellas are pulled back against the cliff. 




For dinner, we went back to an old favorite, Blu.  We had requested an outdoor table, but the wind was too strong to serve outside.  They did let everyone go out on the patio for a cocktail/mocktail and to watch the sunset before being seated indoors to dine, which was nice.




The menu is very large.  Sushi








pasta and pizza




fish and meat




Husband really wanted the shrimp tempura for some reason, so he started with that




I chose an appetizer special of cured wahoo with a salad.  It was delicious and husband was extremely jealous.  I let him have some to be nice 🙂




We both decided to get pasta diablo for dinner.  Husband had lobster




and I had shrimp




Dessert menu




Lemon shuffle again?  Why not?






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I'm not sure I've ever had wahoo but I'd have to try it just for the name. 🙂 The food looks wonderful. I'd adore shrimp tempura like that, but I'd also adore pasta diablo with either the lobster or shrimp. 


Your photo of the "outdoor living room" reminds me of a place I stayed on Manisota Key (Florida Gulf Coast, near Tampa) for a couple of weeks. It had the same arrangement although the balcony was screened to keep the bugs out. It was marvelous, having that view and the doors slid wide open for the sound and smell. It was especially luxurious considering that it was bitter cold in Minnesota at that time! We cooked out or ate in as the mood took us, and there was always fresh shrimp or fish available within a block's walk. You're bringing back happy memories!

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On 10/2/2023 at 9:53 AM, liamsaunt said:




Have you ever tried the jerk chicken, brown stew fish, oxtails or curry chicken?  Along with rice & peas, that's some classic Caribbean Island food.  I have to take a long drive to get that stuff!




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20 hours ago, weinoo said:


Have you ever tried the jerk chicken, brown stew fish, oxtails or curry chicken?  Along with rice & peas, that's some classic Caribbean Island food.  I have to take a long drive to get that stuff!


This was my first visit to Woody's, so I wanted to get what they are famous for, which is the fish sandwich.    I didn't even consider the other stuff on the menu, to be honest!


Another scenic view from our room.  You can see a cruise ship leaving in the distance.  The ships that were supposed to come in yesterday and today have all diverted because of TS Phillipe.  By the time it gets here Friday afternoon, it's going to be a category one hurricane, and it's looking like a direct hit.  My flight home is tomorrow morning, and hopefully we won't have any problems getting out.  




Last night we decided to go back over to Cambridge Beaches and the Sunken Harbour Club, since we enjoyed it so much last visit.  




The lounge is cute




It was not at all crowded, and they told us we could have a drink in the lounge before dinner if we wanted.  My mocktail is on the left, and my husband chose a Continental Navy










For appetizers, husband chose the same ackee pasta I had last time.  It was still delicious




I chose the ginger bried scallop.  This was interesting, but I would not get it again.  The ginger brine changed the texture of the scallop in a way that I found a bit unappealing.  My husband liked it more than I did.




For mains, I was disappointed to hear that they were out of the red hind.  They were also out of the turbot.  They had gotten local wahoo in as a substitute, so I decided to have that.  It was fresh and quite tasty




Husband chose the wild boar, which he did not enjoy.  He said it was overcooked and kind of tough.  I shared my wahoo, so it was fine








We decided to share the flamed chocolate dome, just because it sounded silly.  Flaming dome




Post flaming.




The ice cream was good, but the chocolate cake inside was really dry.  We only ate a bit of it.  


So, definitely not as good as back in May, but not so terrible that we would not give it another try sometime.

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We are back home now, having left this morning just ahead of Phillipe.  The flight was a little turbulent, but not too bad.  We decided to return to Aurora for our final dinner of the trip, since we had enjoyed our meal there so much earlier in the week.  Tuna tartare again




Prickly pear seveche made with wahoo 




Lobster linguini




Stuffed shrimp with spinach risotto




with a view of the sunset




For dessert we split a slice of cheesecake with matcha gelato.  




while enjoying the view of Hamilton across the harbor




Until the next visit, I hope they save a spot under the umbrella for me



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