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Jonathan Day

eGullet and Internet food media

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On this last day of the Q&A, I'd like to ask for your frank reflections on media like eGullet, and eGullet in particular.

You found us (how?) and conducted a great thread in the Heartland forum. Then you answered our questions throughout this week.

How have you found the experience? What could we do to make eGullet more useful to top chefs? To restaurant patrons? What have you enjoyed? What could we improve?

What role do internet media like eGullet have in the world of food publications?

Reflections on any or all of these topics would be very welcome.

Once again, many thanks.

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A co-worker told me about egullet only a few weeks ago, although looking back I remember Michael Anthony mentioning it to me in Aspen. The reason I started the TRIO QUESTIONS thread was to gain a perspective that few chefs have the opportunity or are willing to commit to. At first I just browsed, as time went on I became impressed with the stimulating, intellectual, and opinionated conversations that took place here. I knew I could learn a great deal, possibly educate and explain in the process. It is not often enough that chefs find a medium to candidly explain themselves and their food. It helps us grow, as well as the dinning public.

I think if more chefs knew about egullet the response would be great. Many chefs would be open to such Q&A s if they read the quality of discussions present here, felt the passion, and realized the learning potential. I think the audience that should be tapped into is the energetic chef de parties of the restaurant world. All of my guys have found the site incredibly exciting. It reflects an enthusiasm, respect, excitement and passion about our field that we rarely see up close. This site should be mandatory reading for culinary students, teachers could build lesson plans around it, and students could really benefit.

I have to think it gives the restaurant patron a great platform to discuss their experiences, meet people that share their excitement about food and gain knowledge to help them navigate their upcoming dinning endeavors.

I will frequent egullet often, and although my posting will be minimal, I would like to start a Q&A with the members in the future where I ask the questions. I think this would be a truely unique perspective for chefs and all others. Until then.

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