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Smoked Corned Beef

col klink

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Errrr... smell it? :biggrin:

Assuming its been refrigerated, wouldn't smoked meat be good for quite a long time?

Vacuum re-sealed I'm sure it would last much much longer.

I'm grasping at straws. Since he doesn't seem to have seen this why don't you PM Klink?

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Hey, Klink -- I've found a place that sells whole briskets in cryovac (10 pounds or so), and smaller bags of "Corned Beef Flats".  These are about 2 pounds, and come with a little pouch of "spices".  Is this what you used for your corned beef?

I have smoked those before but they tend to be overly salty and the flats rarely have enough fat to smoke well. Oh yeah, and unless they're $2/lb or less, they're overpriced to boot.

I am a big fan of First Street corned beef that I can pick up at Cash & Carry (or Smart and Final in California). It doesn't come too salty but still has that great corned flavor. More importantly, they corn and cryovac whole briskets so I can have plenty of fat to make it through the long smoking process.

Now that C&C's corned beef briskets are no longer on sale, I'm gong to try corning them myself but with a wedding and a move coming in the next 4 months, I don't know how much experimentation there's going to be.

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Errrr... smell it?  :biggrin:

Assuming its been refrigerated, wouldn't smoked meat be good for quite a long time?

Vacuum re-sealed I'm sure it would last much much longer.

I'm grasping at straws.  Since he doesn't seem to have seen this why don't you PM Klink?

Yes i smelt it :raz:

Was fine and dandy shredded with a little banana and date chutney on toast.I asked because if i can double check something, then i will :biggrin:

And i did PM, which was replied to

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  • 6 months later...
Howdy folks,

As you may or may not know, St. Patty's day is coming up and corned beef briskets are coming out of the woodwork here. If anyone would like to try my smoked corned beef brisket either post here or pm me like we've done for my kielbasa endeavors.

Here's the deal, you pay for the meat, the vacuum bag and shipping and I'll smoke it and mail it out to you. Donations are accepted too.  :biggrin:  :biggrin: St. Patty's Day falls on a Monday this year so I'll smoke everything up on Saturday the 8th and ship on the following Monday. Shipping runs $3.85 and a pound of finished product will run about  $6 to $10. It's hard to gauge exactly how much shrinkage there is in the smoking process.

A few of you have tried the smoked corned beef brisket and you know that it's a completely different animal than your regularly prepared corned beef brisket. Mine is more like a pastrami but a lot smokier and less peppery with the added bonus that he brisket fat is very smooth and almost the best part. Here are some user comments:

Fat Guy:

Armed with about a couple of pounds of Klink's smoked corned beef brisket and a smaller amount of smoked lamb, the friends I was staying with and I made hash and eggs the next morning for breakfast. Thanks to Klink's raw materials, I believe this was perhaps the greatest hash event in the history of the universe. The smoky flavor of the meat got all into the potatoes, onions, and everything else. A bit of heavy cream combined at the end, plus a couple of poached eggs on top and I was in heaven.


Jason: "Ok, so you gotta make some bacon"

Klink: "Yeah, bacon is great"

Jason: "Seriously, bacon."

Klink "Ok, I think I can make some."

Jason: "Your only mission in life from now on is to make bacon"

Yes, this sounds like Jason. Then again, I've heard he likes Corned Beef too. :biggrin:
Agreed. But I don't think Jason normally likes Corned Beef - he probably liked Klink's though.
Its true, I'm not really a corned beef kind of guy, but Klink's was so smoked that it really wasnt corned beef any more, it was like a chunky beef bacon.

It was not inspiration but rather desperation that initially led me to smoke corned beef brisket. I was having a case of the shakes for brisket, but unlike Texas, Seattle does not have a ubiquitous supply of fresh brisket in every grocery store. So, I bought the only brisket I could find and smoked it. I didn't even like it at first so I saved it for the next day and brought it over to my buddy's place where in a whole mess of people dove into it. Now, I just love the stuff and so has anyone who's tried it.

I primarily serve it as an appetizer or make sandwiches out of it. Or you can do as Fat Guy did and make hash and he's right, it makes for some damn fine hash. If you'd like to give it a whirl, let me know!

edit: I recalculated a lower estimated cost.

I just bought my first smoker and am itching to use it. I have a good amount of BBQ experince, but am clueless about this Weber Bullet.

Can you direct me a to a good site for this (their owners manual is pretty weak IMHO). As well, what is your recipe, if you don't mind sharing it, for the smoked corn beaf briskit :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance,

Scott drscott@relaxme2.com

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Go to the vitual Weber Bullet. all will be revealed.

edit to add: I got a Weber Bullet because my big smoker is in storage awaiting the new house. This thing is amazing. the "big smoker" may go into permanent retirement.

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Linda LaRose aka "fifi"

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